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After Prom Party – Ideas and things to do (2020)

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Prom on its own should be enough to wear most people out.

It is such a magical night that no prom goer wants it to end there.

For some of us that have had our Prom fall amongst the pandemic that is Covid19 all we can really look forward to is an after-prom party once things have calmed down.

After prom parties and activities are the way to make sure the night doesn’t have to finish and they often go well into the morning hours.

What happens after prom?

A lot of things and events can happen after prom. In most cases, students host an after-prom party of a special theme or dress code in a club, bar or someone’s house.

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But this isn’t the only thing you can do after prom. Here are some other creative ideas on what to do after prom:

Throw a bonfire party on the beach

If your prom is taking place during the summer (as is usual), throwing a bonfire party on the beach is a great way to entertain everyone.

All you need is some sticks and a lighter and voila, your bonfire is ready. It would also be great if you could play some nice lounge and summery music to enhance the whole atmosphere. Make sure you tell everyone to change their outfit into something more comfortable.

Make sure you check the fire safety rules for your local beach before doing this.

Organize a poker or roulette tournament in your house

Casino games are enjoyed by almost everyone and a great way to encourage healthy competition and engagement–as long as there is no real money at stake.

Just take a few tables, place a green casino table cloth on top to give it a more-casino like vibe and start playing your chosen game in groups of 4 people.

It’s actually one of the most mess-free and organized gaming options you can do after prom.

Throw a “bring your own” party at home

Get your friends involved in cooking and preparing snacks and drinks. Who said you have to do everything on your own? Cooking and preparing stuff with others can be both liberating and engaging as most like to cook stuff they are going to enjoy later.

You might perhaps need a few extra aprons and utensils but chances are, you have everything already so no need to buy something extra.

Throw a sleepover party

Another great way to connect with your friends and everyone else after prom is hosting a sleepover party.

If your house is big enough and your parents allow it, of course. This will also save you money as you don’t have to go anywhere else to have some quiet fun.

An alternative if the budget allows you is to book a hotel and stay there for the night, enjoying all hotel services and accommodation you can’t find at home.

Just make sure you all have your pyjamas and toiletries if you going to do this.

Go bowling

As long as you can find a bowling alley open late enough, bowling is another good game option to play after prom.

Bowling gets your body moving and your “mind” reflexes engaged without stressing your feet–time to swap those uncomfortable heels and close shoes with something more flat and convenient.

After prom party ideas for couples

If you want to play the “couple” mode and go somewhere with your prom date alone or possibly with the other couples, here are some ideas for duos:

Candle-lit dinner for two

Many find that they get hungry after prom, especially if they are only drinks available to take.

Instead of spoiling the romance by going to a fast-food restaurant (unless you want to go for something dirt cheap), go on a dinner with your date (and other couples) in a fancy restaurant with a romantic, candle-lit ambiance.

It will certainly cost you more, but the whole experience of fine dining with your prom date in a romantic atmosphere is surely a great thing to remember afterward.

A two-player gaming tournament

Fancy a bit of competition with your date? Why not play a game for two, like chess, uno, cards, jenga, scrabble, or monopoly. And whoever loses will do the other a small favor–fair enough.

After prom outfits

Your after prom outfit obviously depends on the place you’ll go after prom.

For example, if you are going to host a party at home, you have to change your outfit into something more casual yet colorful enough to get that party vibe without limiting your movement.

If you are going to go to a club, you can either stay with your prom outfit or change into something more sleek and comfortable that is club-appropriate like a mini black dress if you are a girl or a nice T-shirt and jeans or pants if you are a guy.

Finally, if you are going to host a bonfire or beach party, you’ll need your bathing suit.

What are your plans for after prom?


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