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Does Going Alone To Prom Really Matter?

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What will you be doing if you can’t get a date for Prom this year? Will you be going alone?

You’ve been looking forward to your Prom for so long, it almost feels like forever.

You have picked out a great dress and you feel ready. But, you still don’t have a date.

The boy you like and want to go with still hasn’t asked, or you suspect is going with someone else.

There is someone else that probably would ask you, but you really don’t like them.

Should you just settle for someone you don’t like or go alone?

Most girls are afraid of going to prom alone. They feel they won’t be fashionable enough or they will be the talk of the town if they show up alone.

But most of all, they are afraid they won’t have fun without a date.

Let’s see the pros of going alone versus the cons of going with someone you don’t like.

Make Prom night about you

Instead of spending your entire prom night trying to impress your date, how about you make it all about you?

If you go alone, you don’t have to worry about making a guy happy which would undoubtedly be harder when you don’t like the guy.

Make the whole night about you and what you like.

Prom Dates With Jillian Rose Reed Of MTV’s Awkward

If you like to dance, go crazy with your dance moves without having to worry about what you date likes or how they will feel about your dance style.

You could also spend the money you were going to use on a boutonniere to purchase a lovely accessory for your dress.

Do what you love

It is not uncommon to want to impress your date. Therefore no one is ever really themselves when out on a date.

Even on Prom night your date can actually inhibit your true nature especially when you don’t like your date or they are someone you don’t know well.

Rather than try to get along with someone else, which can be very stressful, go alone and do what you love.

Be free to dance however you want to, do whatever makes you feel good and just enjoy your prom.

You will do all of that when you are free to be who you are.

Avoid the Awkward Moments

Another thing you won’t have to go through when you don’t have a prom date is the awkward goodnight moment.

Ever girl has experienced this moment at some point in their lives and it is not pleasant.

Now imagine a situation where the boy seeing you home is one you don’t like and you only went out with him so you wouldn’t be alone.

This awkward moment will be magnified by the fact that you just don’t know what to expect, not to mention the guilt.

You can wear anything you want

Some girls avoid wearing heels on prom especially if they are taller than their date.

If you go alone, you don’t have to restrict yourself to flats. You can wear anything you want because once again, it is about you.

You don’t have to conform to what your date may like or what you think they will be comfortable with.

You can simply be yourself and the more comfortable you are with yourself the more fun your prom night will be.

You don’t have to worry about nasty break-ups

Your Prom night should be full of wonderful memories for you and sometimes going with someone can ruin that.

Yes, you may have a great time at Prom but the next day could mean your date dumps you.

Not every prom date ends up like this but if you are going with someone you especially don’t like, there is a very high chance that one of or both of you will not have pleasant prom memories.

Remember that Prom night is mostly about memories and you will have pictures of the night that will probably be with you for a long time to come.

To avoid ending up with painful prom memories, it is best to go alone.

You may find that you will enjoy yourself more if you go to prom alone.

Sure, there are those who may call it pathetic, but just think of all the awkward moments that could find their way to your prom memories.

Besides, having a prom date is somewhat overrated especially if you consider the fact that you will be free to truly be yourself if you go alone versus trying to conform to your date’s expectations.

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