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Annihilate Your Acne: Get Clear Skin for Prom (Start Now)

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Going to the prom or any other special school event is a great opportunity to socialize, dance, make memories and have fun with your friends.

Many teens who have acne face the concern that it will affect their prom experience for the worst, especially in the age of social media when everybody is taking photos and sharing them around.

Don’t worry though, if you have acne, you’re not alone. Lots of teens and even some adults get flare-ups of acne and skin irritation on a daily basis.

The trick to minimizing acne and similar skin problems is to find a treatment or daily product selection that works for you.

Getting the right Skin Product

Before applying any product to your skin, wash your face with cold water and a regular, clean washcloth.

Avoid using soap on your face; soap clogs pores and can make acne even worse, and will also dry out your skin, giving it a reddish appearance.

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Test a small amount of the product first on an unnoticeable patch of skin. If itchiness, irritation, hives or any other symptoms of an allergic reaction occur, wash it off immediately.

Always consult a doctor before using any acne product, and avoid online “acne hacks” like leaving lemon juice or bleach on your skin.

A lot of online household acne treatment ideas can make your skin worse and can cause other problems as well, especially the use of skin bleach, which can be very unsafe if not specially prescribed by a doctor.

Always read the instructions on the packaging for any skincare product you decide to use.

There are lots of professional dermatology product companies out there with quality skincare products, such as Murad, Robin McGraw and Sephora which all sell a variety of different products.

Murad especially offers a 30-Day Acne Starter Kit for sale, which has not only been clinically studied but also has favorable reviews and even comes with free samples of their acne products.

Murad Acne Control 30 Day Kit – 4 piece-set – Murad Skin Care Products

This is a great kit to try at home for anyone new to using skincare products, and it’s available through most of the US and Europe.

If you wear a lot of makeup, like face powder, lipstick, blush, contour powder or eye concealer cream, acne products can unfortunately conflict with cosmetics and give your makeup a flaky, caked-on appearance.

Luckily Murad also sells plenty of acne products that can be used with makeup, such as their Clarifying Toner, which removes oil and dirt from skin for a cleaner, clearer and more youthful appearance.

Murad Clarifying Toner – 6.0 oz. – Murad Acne

Hydration Products

It’s important to keep your skin hydrated (even if you have oily skin already) because otherwise your skin can take on a chaffed, red look that stands out under the fluorescent lighting used at most public schools.

There are lots of hydration products available on the market, some which your doctor can prescribe to you and others that you can purchase over the counter, like Murad’s Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream:

Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture – 1.7 oz. – Murad Age Reform

Another one you could try is Robin McGraw Revelation’s “Hydra Qwench” Moisturizing Night Cream. You can wear while you sleep to keep dry skin and acne flareups away before the big night.

When choosing a hydration cream, make sure to pick the one that’s right for you. Different people have different complexions, skin tones, sun sensitivity and allergies, and it’s always a good idea to request a small free sample from the company to test on your skin before making a purchase.

This way, you won’t have emptied your wallet for a product that doesn’t work for you. Once you find the right balance and combination of products to keep your skin looking clear, stick to it, and don’t abruptly discontinue use or mix them up with other products.

Avoid “limited edition” products – these types of products are usually used as a company promotion and will only be available for a short time, so it’s better not to get used to them if they won’t be around forever.

UV and Sunlight

It’s especially important to be aware that some acne products will make your skin more sensitive to UV sunlight, especially if you have dark patches or spots on your skin.

Murad has a number of skin protection products that keep away the negative effects of UV radiation while also concealing dark spots like their Environmental Shield:

Murad Essential-C Cleanser – 6.75 oz. – Murad Environmental Shield

They carry different creams for different skin tones and you can choose whichever one is right for you.

While using any skincare product, avoid direct exposure to bright sunlight, stay away from artificial tanning beds and when at the beach or poolside, wear waterproof sunscreen to avoid accidental exposure to harsh sunlight.

Don’t Leave it too late

To have your acne fully cleared up before the prom or any other event you’re dreaming of going to, start using your selection of acne treatment creams at least two months prior to the big day.

You may wish to also purchase some pressed foundation powder and makeup primer from your local drugstore on the chance that your acne hasn’t fully disappeared before the prom. When purchasing pressed powder, look for brands specifically for your skin type.

Some powders are for normal-to-oily skin, and others are for dry skin. Never use your finger to apply powder. Always use a hygienic makeup brush. Remember though, whether you have acne or not, don’t let it affect your self-esteem.

Prom is a fantastic night all about having fun, and there’s lots of support and friendship that happens. Don’t let acne ruin your good time!

If you suspect that you have severe acne or cystic acne that no over the counter product will effectively clear up, talk to your doctor about prescription products. Many people have found that a combination of drugs, from antibiotics to birth control pills to peeling agents, effectively gets rid of their acne in just a few weeks.

There are lots of solutions out there and doctors and dermatologists who are more than willing to help. Keep your head up high; teenage acne often fades away into adulthood, and when you’re at the prom enjoying yourself, you’ll have nothing to worry about.


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