How To Ask A Celebrity To Prom Or Homecoming – 5 Point Blueprint To Successful Promposals

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Asking your favorite actor, musician, or supermodel to your school ball, homecoming or prom is not as far fetched an idea as what it may sound.

A number of You Tube videos that have been aimed at asking a celeb to a date have gone viral. You can do the same thing and have your favorite celeb grace your occasion.

Having said that, it is important to discuss a few tips on how to best ask a celeb to a dance.

How To Ask A Celebrity To Prom Tips

There are various ways through which one can ask a celeb to a prom. To start with, identify the celeb that you would like to ask for a prom.

  • Schedule: You should bear in mind most celebs will have a very tight schedule. Making your preparations well in advance will help your celeb to consider and respond to your request.
  • Planning: Plan your event in a unique way and make it stand out. Celebrities want to participate in events and activities that will promote their popularity.
    Do not lie about what you or your group can do. It should be noted that celebs will investigate your event first before they make their decision. It is important to get it right from the word go.
  • Communication: Choose the most effective way of communicating to the celeb. Contacts that can be of help include contacting the agent and the publicist of the star in question. In this regard, it is good to contact the celeb and his or her trusted people will relay your message to him or her.

    Another way of getting the attention of the celeb is through creating an outstanding You Tube video. Such a video will attract a high number of likes which will hopefully not escape the attention of the celeb.

  • Politeness: Keep your correspondence direct and to the point, heartfelt, and polite. If you are committed to a certain cause and you would like to use the celeb’s participation at the dance in order to popularize it, then state that clearly.

    Just like some established companies in the corporate world, a number of celebrities want to donate their “fame” in order to change the world. For example, leukemia patient Kevin McGauire invited Taylor Swift to a prom.

    Though she was not able to honor the invitation, his health condition made her go with him for a date and she went ahead to invite his entire family to the 2013 ACM awards.

  • Logistics: Make sure that the logistics surrounding the event are put in place. It goes without saying that events carried out by celebs have the attention of the media.

    You do not want any embarassing moments, if things go wrong.

    It is advisable to involve other people in the preparations and arrangement. For instance, if you are lucky enough to convince a celebrity to be your date, make sure you let the school administration know.

Examples of Celebrity Proposals

Los Angeles High School senior Jake Davidson was courageous enough to go after Kate Upton- one of the most established models.

To achieve this, he created a charming and appealing You Tube video that went viral and gathered many likes.

Kate Upton, Will You Go To Prom With Me?

So influential was his actions and the video that several news outlets such as NBC’s Today Show picked up and aired his work.

It wasn’t long before Kate Upton tweeted that she would check out her schedule.

Cole LaBrant was another young man, with big ideas. So far despite his amazing video, he has not heard anything back from Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez, will you go to prom with me? – Cole LaBrant

Do not be discouraged by those so called friends that tell you such a request is far fetched and unrealistic.

Max Whitmore asked Victoria Justice to prom, with a very compelling video.

Victoria Justice, Will You Go To Prom With Me?

She didn’t go to prom with him, but she did give him the surprise of his life!

Victoria Justice’s response to Max

Victoria Justice Surprises Max Whitmore at School

The fact is that celebrities are always looking for effective ways of connecting to their fans. They want opportunities that will help them advance their popularity and consequently their career.

Remember, it is the fans who catapult the celebs to high popularity. It is the fans who make it possible for the celebs to maintain their popularity.

Final Piece of Advice

The increased use of the internet has lessened the distance between celebs and their fans.

It is now far faster and easier to contact a celeb and ask him or her to a prom. All that is required of you is to make such an amazing impression, that they simply cannot ignore you!

If you could ask any celebrity to your schools dance, who would it be?

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