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Best Promposal Ideas for 2020

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Promposal ideas don’t have to be your typical “will you go to prom with me?” scenario.

If you think outside the square a little there are creative, unique, and unexpected ways to ask someone to prom.

The list here is to give you some ideas, you can add your own creative touch as well.

Here are some of the best promposal ideas to help inspire you:

Dogs are a Boy’s Bestfriend

Girls find it hard to resist dogs – which is why this can be the most unique and adorable promposal you can think of.

Of course, the recipe requires a well-trained dog who considers you as the most important person in their life. Easier said than done!

There are several ways you can use your four-legged friend. You can try having him walk inside the room wearing a shirt with the words: “Girl’s Name, Prom?”

You can also try tying some balloons on the dog with the same words written on the balloon.

It would be cuter if you can get the dog to go directly to the girl you want to ask – possibly with some flowers carried in his mouth. Really, the possibilities are endless – and incredibly adorable.

Image: Source

The TV or commercial sign prom-posal

TV and commercial signs are guaranteed to stand out when you ask someone for prom, especially if you can make sure that the person you ask for prom sees the message live.

For this prom-posal simply pay a company to display your sign or do it for free by showing the promposal sign yourself and popping up in front of the camera.

It (almost) always works, even though the other person may feel a bit embarrassed or awkward in the presence of other people.

Last year a guy had the idea of sweeping in on a horse and asking his girl to Prom. A true Knight like promposal.

The custom bracelet and flowers proposal

Flowers and bracelets may not be the most unique prom-posal ideas ever, but they are very romantic and sweet.

Some guys had the idea to ask a girl from prom by gifting her a bracelet that writes “prom” and of course, a handwritten letter and some flowers.

It does cost a bit but it’s a safe and sweet way to ask someone for prom.

Image: Flickr

The lockers and balloons prom-posal

Lockers aren’t always used for storing school supplies and personal stuff,–this guy here came up with the idea to use 4 lockers in a row to write P-R-O-M with 100’s of balloons floating around.

You don’t have to use that huge amount of balloons to make your prom-posal a success, but you do need the help of your friends for using their lockers and blowing the balloons.

You might like our article where we recently covered ideas for prom balloons.

The sandy, beach “prom-posal”

Letters written in the sand are not only a good way for getting rescued if you are ever deserted on an island, they are also a catchy and romantic idea to ask somebody for prom.

If the prom is just before or during the summer season, this is a very good idea, especially if you can add your own creative touch like using flower buds to write your promposal instead of just using a stick or your finger.

An extra romantic touch would be also to add a box of chocolates.

The prank call prom-posal

This is actually a bit risky since it may not be well-received at first but if you can think of something funny and unique to twist your proposal to something nice, that would certainly catch the attention of your potential date.

Some ideas: pretend you are a survey guy that wants to ask questions about the school system, ask a few legit questions and then ask lastly “on a scale from 1 to 10, will you go to prom with me?” or pretend that you are a psychic and describe yourself as the ideal candidate for prom in third person and then simply reveal yourself.

The ball-promposal

This one works for both guys and girls.

To ask your target for prom, simply write “prom” or “will you to prom with me?” on the ball whereever you can find enough space, and kick or throw the ball their way–just make sure you don’t hit them on the head with it.

The knockout approach normally ends in failure!

The daisy flower YES or NO prom-posal

A very creative spin to just gifting your target flowers, would be to actually offer them a handwritten letter and a daisy with YES followed by a NO written as they go through each of the flower buds.

Of course you want to make sure that the end answer will be YES for this to be a hit.

A personalized message T-shirt

T-shirts with custom messages or quotes are very effective for expressing your interest to your target, even though you’ll earn extra points in creativity if you don’t simply write “will you to prom with me?”.

Some ideas: “Roses, are red, violets are blue, I want you for prom, and so do you!”, “Going to prom with would be like winning the supercup”.

The “pet” gift proposal

Aside from dogs, cats can be cute as well. One thing is for sure girls adore small cute animals and one guy had the idea to send a box to the girl of his choice with a cute kitty wearing a “prom” necklace and a letter attached, asking her for prom.

Of course, the girl found the gesture extra cute and said “YES”.

Pigs Fly

“When Pigs Fly” is a common phrase that basically means “never” – but you can actually use this to make the cutest promposal ever.

One boy sent a box to this girl with the words: I will ask you to the prom when pigs fly.

The girl then opens the box and guess what’s inside: pink balloons drawn with pig faces rise to the ceiling as if they’re “flying.”

It’s simple, creative and does not really require you to spend lots of money.

Most importantly – it made an impression on the girl and needless to say, the boy got a big, fat, YES to his question.

You can try this out too, perhaps using other clichés or making your own.

Book Promposal

If the girl you like happens to love books, then try using this creative tool to get her to agree.

This was done by boy in the 80s and it definitely got positive results from the girl he liked. Just choose a book you know the girl would love and write something on the first page. Don’t go directly to a prom question – instead, start off with something like this:

– Hey, Sarah! Want to learn something? Go to Page 22!

– I think you are really cute. How cute? Go to Page 35!

– Really, really cute. I think you’re the prettiest girl in class. Page 55 please!

And so on and so forth until you finally ask her out to the prom on the last page.

This not only makes your promposal very unique, but it also gives your book-lover crush something she can cherish forever.

Food is Always the Answer

Promposals with food are a little risky – what if she is on a diet?

Of course, it’s not really the fatty content of the food but the message you want to say.

A lot of guys have tried this technique and it never really grows old.

You can use a number of food items like: cupcakes, pizza, french fries, chocolate, cappuccino, and basically anything that tastes good.

The food can be styled to have the words: PROM? Written on it or perhaps something more elaborate.

The “fake” explosives proposal

Firstly, make sure you don’t take anything that looks like explosives into your school or anywhere public.

In saying that it’s actually a very unique and entertaining way to ask somebody for prom.

To make this, simply use a fake toy or DIY fake explosives made with plastic and paper, and display a bombing prom-posal like “being with you for prom would be the bomb” or “I would have a blast if you went to prom with me”.

There are some other great ideas on this cosmopolitan article, including one where a guy does a beauty and beast example.

Social Media

Want to make your promposal a little more 21st century? Facebook, Twitter, Draw Something, and YouTube can help you out.

One boy got Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston to ask his crush for him on prom via YouTube.

Another boy made a video and posted it on Facebook. Another one drew his promposal through Draw Something and got an automatic YES.

You will be amazed at how much social media can work for you during prom season.

If you want to make it extra special, you could have a bouquet of roses or some chocolates sent to her house, just to make sure you have covered all your bases.

Remember: when asking a girl to the prom, it’s always a good idea to know what appeals to her.

Does she like Minecraft? Does she like flowers?

Does she go gaga over dogs? Does she hang out in 9Gag or Facebook often?

By knowing what she loves best, you can get creative and appeal to her in the best way possible!

Any other promposal ideas? Let us know what your version of the best promposal is!

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