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Best Ways To Accessorize A Red Dress (Prom, Wedding or Formal)

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When going to a formal event, a party or a night out on the town, red is always a popular choice of dress color. Finding the right way to accessorize a red dress can be a challenge.

It’s a classic look that never goes out of style.

Sometimes jewelry can clash with red and go overboard, and it’s difficult to know where to start.

Luckily, the right accessories can stand out with your dress for a stunning and amazing look to give you a fashion-forward edge wherever you go.

A tip to remember is that your accessories don’t have to be red like the dress, but all your accessories including shoes, jewelry and hair clips should follow the same color or pattern.

Too many contrasting colors at once can appear hectic and thrown together. For example, if you decide to wear green shoes with your dress, wear green jewelry, hair accessories and nail polish to create a consistent look.

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Also, it’s a good idea to not overdo jewelry, but there’s no real limit to how much jewelry you can wear, and you can either opt for a simple necklace or ring, or for more special events, you can go with fine jewelry and accessorize with gemstones if you want to.

Necklaces with a Red Dress

For necklaces, it’s best to avoid enormous pendants with colors like orange or pink. Orange and pink are very similar to red but against red, they can look faded and gaudy, especially more pale variations of these two colors.

Large pendants can often be very heavy and distracting, but it really depends on your personal preferences. For more formal occasions, definitely go with simple touches like a small jewel or pendant on a chain, and try to choose jewelry that looks timeless and classic.

Stores feature many necklaces of this variety, including necklaces like topaz and amethyst pendant styles.

They also feature necklaces that are bolder and larger, great for parties and dances that can help to accessorize a red dress, like this:

Bette Necklace

When going to a fun party, it’s a great time to show off a more wild and expressive side to your fashion and choose striking accessories that reflect your personality both inside and out.

Rings that go with Red

Rings are always a favorite at any event. They catch the light, shine like a star and they’re always in style no matter the season.

To accessorize a red dress, gold, in particular, looks great. Gold can be on the pricier side, but many jewelry stores also offer imitation gold, silver and platinum jewelry that looks almost identical to the real thing.

Stackable ring sets have become a must-have for many people because of how convenient they are. You can either choose one ring from the set that goes with your dress, or mix them up a bit depending on what your outfit looks like.

Sets like this one:

Sterling Silver Ring Sets

They are a great way to get the right look that goes with a red dress, and this type of ring set goes with almost any other outfit, as well.

For a red dress, it’s a good idea to avoid jewelry made out of rose gold. Rose gold is a type of gold that looks very pale pink, and though it looks amazing with some colors, it can clash oddly with red sometimes.

Avoid wearing too many rings at once, too.

Wearing too many rings can make picking up items very awkward, and it can be easy for them to fall off and get lost if you wear many on each hand.

Bracelets to match

Bracelets come in numerous different styles, from thick chunky bracelets to thin gold bands, all of which can go very well with a red dress. is an excellent place to start. They carry bracelets in just about every style from link bracelets to bangles, and these differ in quality from casual to high-end.

Avoid wearing too many bracelets at once, though. Too many bracelets can be a strain on your arms and also catch onto the fabric of clothing, which might damage your dress if it rips.

Usually people wear either one bracelet, or three in a set. Wearing sets of bracelets is best if you’re going to a casual dance or party, but it’s all up to you.

When choosing a bracelet, avoid anything in pink or orange, and if you purchase a bracelet with a gemstone, choose a gemstone that will suit the rest of your accessories, too.

Some gemstones will go well with everything in your wardrobe, and gemstones like this are usually a color like black, silver or pearl-like.

Colors that go great with red specifically are green, red, blue and yellow.

These four primary contrasting colors are very basic and often go well together. When wearing a red dress, avoid wearing turquoise. Turquoise is a rock often carved into beads, and it’s a vividly bright bluish-green color.

It goes very well with white dresses and denim, but it often looks odd with red and can create a tacky rustic look if the turquoise is really overpowering and heavy.

Other Accessories

When purchasing jewelry, consider the other accessories you’ll be wearing with your dress, including shoes, makeup, hair clips, nail polish and any kind of purse or handbag you might decide to bring.

If you shop online, many websites like Amazon will also provide a “preview image” of the jewelry item you’re looking to buy, and this will allow you to see it for yourself and consider whether or not it’s actually right for your outfit.

For example, this Peacock Tail Feather Wide Cuff Bracelet would go very well with a red dress because of its toned-down golds and greens, and Amazon provides a preview image of the item so customers can see in detail what it will look like when it ships to them.

This is a really useful tool if you’re just browsing for jewelry but you’re not sure whether or not you want to actually buy yet or not, because it allows you to look at the jewelry for free, similar to if you were browsing a local jewelry shop in person and looking into the window displays.

No matter what way you choose to accessorize a red dress it is always a winning outfit, and a great choice of style for any event!

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