Black and white prom dresses, can you pull them off?

White and black is one of the oldest and most elegant dress combinations, and, if you are able to pull the combination off, you will turn heads on your prom night.

Plenty of people suit the black and white prom dress combination, but, the hard thing is finding the right style.

When we look at the popularity of black and white prom dresses over the last ten years it is clear to see that the trend has leveled out over the last two years and is tipped to also be very popular throughout 2015 and beyond.

Strapless Black & White Dress

Many colors are hard to pull off, a bright green or blue, but with a black and white dress, you can look fabulous at any outing.

Strapless dresses can be worn at many different celebrations and occasions, so if you are thinking of wearing this dress more than once, you want to go for a strapless black and white dress.

Empire Satin style

The empire style is a classic, yet attractive styled dress, these dresses usually have white down the sides and black down the front and back.

This style of dress can also make you look slimmer.

One of the best things about this type of dress is that you are going to be able to wear it at another formal event afterwards, so you can reuse it in the future.

Spaghetti straps

This comfortable dress can make you both relaxed and elegant at the same time.

This dress looks great if you don’t want to have a bunch of sequins all over your dress but still makes you look beautiful at your prom.

A good material to use when wearing a spaghetti strap dress is satin, this material is simple, but it doesn’t look too casual. If you match the dress with flats that are black and white, you will look stunning on your prom night.

Black and white aren’t everybody’s first choice in dress color, but don’t let that faze you, don’t be afraid to wear what you want. If you are going to wear a black and white dress, remember this, they are simple, yet they have a lot of effect.

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