What Everybody Ought to Know About Boutonnieres And Corsages

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Last year it was all about the sweet smells of the KFC Chicken corsage, however thankfully with a new year, comes a new chance to impress! Boutonniere And Corsages are an important part of the finer touches of the perfect prom night.

In this article we are going to look at what they are, and how you can make sure you don’t have to resort to a last minute trip to KFC!

KFC Chicken Corsage

It is customary to give your prom date a corsage or boutonniere. Ladies wear corsages and gentlemen wear boutonnieres.

This tradition of wearing corsages and boutonnieres to a dance is thought to have originated, a long time ago, possibly in the early 18th Century, when people wore flowers to a dance because they wanted to smell heavenly when dancing with their partner.

During this period, frequent showers, air conditioning or expensive perfumes were a rarity.

Corsages and Boutonnieres Etiquette

When your date gives you a corsage or boutonniere, it is good etiquette to thank them for it.

Sometimes we forget to say a simple thank you since it is a given that your date will give you one.

When you express your gratitude for their generosity, you set a tone for the date that almost guarantees the date will be a pleasant one.

The corsage or boutonniere should preferably match the dress or suit. You should however try to incorporate it into your outfit even if it doesn’t match.

Don’t tell your date that they bought you a mismatching one as this could hurt their feelings.

There are a number of ways you can incorporate the corsage or boutonniere into your outfit even if they don’t match. Here are a few ideas;

  • You can wear the corsage on your wrist rather than pinning it to the bodice
  • You can also pin it to a ribbon on the waist if it is a neutral color and still doesn’t match the dress
  • Or you could pin it to your evening bag

What Side and How to Wear Corsages and Boutonnieres

The right way to wear corsages and boutonnieres is on the left shoulder or lapel and facing downwards.

If your prom dress is a spaghetti strap or strapless, you should wear the corsage on the left side of the top of the bodice, on the left side of the top of the waist or on the left wrist.

Pinning the corsage or boutonniere should be done in such a way that the pin goes into the fabric on the left side of the flower, back up through the fabric on the left side, over the stem of the flower, back through the fabric on the right side of the flower and back up through the corsage on the right side of the flower.

This will ensure that the point of the pin is hidden under the flower.

How to pick out Corsages and boutonnieres

In order to pick out the right corsage or boutonniere for your date, adequate planning is very important. Find out a few things about your date that will help you pick the right one for them;

  • Find out if your date has certain preferences such as favorite flowers or favorite colors
  • Find out if they have an allergic reaction to certain flower types. The last thing you need is for your date to struggle through allergies during the date
  • Find out the color of their outfit. This will help you select a corsage or boutonniere that matches what they are wearing
  • If you are unable to find out what they will be wearing or are unsure of the colors, go neutral. Pick a corsage or boutonniere with flowers that have neutral colors
  • Ask for help from friends and family members who have done this before. They probably have some very valuable advice for you

If you are going to get pre-order corsages, plan a week in advance as not all shops sell pre-order ones. Planning in advance will also help you get the best ones ahead of the masses since prom falls between mother’s day and the beginning of the wedding season.

At this time florists are often overwhelmed and may not be able to fill your order unless you get it in on time.

Do not buy corsages and boutonnieres the day before prom. You may not be able to find one at this time and you might end up disappointing your date.

You can purchase corsages and boutonnieres from your local flower shop on online. One of the best online stores for corsages and boutonnieres is Teleflora Flowers.

They help you find the right one in very little time and have a very large selection for you to choose from.

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