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Cute and Funny Homecoming Proposals That Can Help You Get A Date

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No one wants to go to homecoming alone. This is the major reason why most teens have become quite creative at asking a girl to be their date.

Homecoming is one of the most important nights to a teenager and some of the proposals out there are simply the most creative you will find.

There are a few ways to ensure that you get a yes from the girl of your dreams.

We have come across a few that are just the cutest homecoming proposals ever. Maybe you can find a little inspiration from one of them to get your own yes or at least a few laughs and a memorable picture.

  1. Funny Homecoming Proposal – Ask her with lots of “Flowers”

    This proposal makes it to the top of the list for the simple reason that it is both funny and very creative at the same time. If your girl appreciates a good joke you should probably go with this one.

    Here’s why. The architect of this one of a kind proposal did something that most would consider downright goofy. He filled her locker with several packets of flour and then left her a note that said, “I bought you flowers, so will you go to Homecoming with me?”

    This is one proposal that didn’t cost him much but probably got him a yes for his trouble. It is also one of those events that will go down in both their lives as a memorable funny story to share with their future grandchildren even if they don’t end up together.

    school locker

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  2. Cute Homecoming Proposals – Let the Cupcakes do the Talking

    You probably know the girl you are asking out really well. If you do, the proposal will likely be easy for you because you know what she likes and what you should likely avoid.

    This is what the architect of this cupcake proposal did. He knew his girls would appreciate a good cupcake and so he simply had the cupcakes ask her out. He made (or had made) a few cupcakes each one bearing a single word in the sentence, “will you go to homecoming with me?” there was even a separate cupcake for the question mark.

    This proposal hits the mark especially when you know she loves cupcakes and you get her favorite. It is a sweet way to ask someone out and we can almost guarantee the recipient rewarded him with an emphatic yes.

    Cupcakes proposal

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  3. Give her a literal choice

    Sometimes simplicity is the only way to go. This third proposal took simplicity to a whole new level and made one of the hardest questions to ask very easy.

    This guy wears a white T-shirt to school with the words “Can I be your date?” scrawled on it.

    Right underneath the question are two checkboxes, obviously for a yes or no answer. The most striking thing about this strategy is that he already has the yes checkbox marked.

    He gives her a choice she cannot turn down and imagine the surprise when she sees him wearing a shirt with her name on it. It is also a very public proposal so be sure that she is more inclined to say yes before you subject yourself to the possible humiliation of a no.

    cute homecoming proposals

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  4. Get Romantic
    Nothing says romance like this next proposal.

    The architect did something that would almost guarantee a yes from any girl who ever came across this proposal. Making creative use of light and words, he put a number of beautiful lights together on what we hope is the girl’s bed and a sign that read, “It would light up my world if you would be my catch at Homecoming.”

    The whole proposal had a baseball theme with words written on four baseballs. It is therefore customizable to fit your potential date’s interests.

    It is a proposal that is likely to be accepted and it is just private enough for it to be perfect for a couple who have known each other for a while.

Whichever one of the above you choose to modify to your advantage, creativity will help you get a date for homecoming. Make your potential date laugh or appeal to their interests and you won’t go wrong with your proposal.

The above proposals are a clear indication that there is no limit to how creative you can get when asking someone to homecoming.

So what is your plan for your homecoming proposal?

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