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What To Do When Your Date Dances with Another Girl

Every girl dreams of the perfect homecoming dance.

Whether it is the dress, the shoes, the makeup and even the date, homecoming needs to be perfect for you.

There are certain aspects of homecoming that you can control.

For instance, you can choose what flattering dress and make-up to wear to the big day. You can also to some extent choose the date.

For most girls having a date for homecoming is very important.

While it is certainly important to have a date for homecoming, what’s more important is how your date treats you on the night.

It certainly doesn’t work for you if your date ignores you all night or worse; dance’s with another girl.

So what do you do when your date is dancing with another girl and leaves you feeling like a wallflower?

Before we get ahead of ourselves here, it is important to understand that unless there is a prior agreement, this behavior by your date is not right.

If the two of you didn’t agree to go to homecoming as just friends and that you could dance with other people, what he is doing is totally wrong.

How you react however, will determine whether or not you end up enjoying homecoming or not.

Keep in mind that you are the only one who is responsible for your own happiness.

That is one thing he cannot take away from you.

But you will end up enjoying your homecoming dance if you do the following.

Talk to him Calmly, Tell him how you feel

If he is your boyfriend, wait until he finishes the dance and pull him aside to talk to him.

It is understandable that you are tempted to turn this into a shouting match and that you want to throw around a few accusations.

This will however not solve the problem and may end up embarrassing the both of you.

What you should do is remain calm and tell him exactly how it feels to see him dancing with another girl.

Communication is important in any relationship and chances are if you are open and honest about how you feel, he will understand your position and apologize.

Even if he says that she is just a “friend” tell him that it still feels weird and that you don’t want to be ignored on homecoming.

If he cares about you even a little, he will understand where you are coming from.

Put your foot down and say no

Again this is only when he is your boyfriend and not a “friend” you came to homecoming with.

It is important that you make your position very clear.

Tell him that under no circumstances will you tolerate him dancing with another girl while ignoring you.

For your own peace of mind and dignity, it is important that this conversation doesn’t turn into a shouting match either.

Instead calmly explain to him that you are uncomfortable with him dancing with another girl when he asked you to homecoming.

Again, if he is a reasonable guy, he will completely understand where you’re coming from and fix the situation.

He will respect your position and avoid dancing with other girls on what should be your night.

If on the other hand, he fights back and wants to dance with other girls, you may want to cut him loose.

Maintain your dignity as you confront him and even when you decide to cut him loose.

The fact that he decides to dance with another girl while you are in the room is a sign of disrespect that you shouldn’t tolerate anyway.

Don’t let it mess up your night

If everything you try doesn’t work, don’t let what he is doing mess up your night.

Have fun anyway.

Do what you would have done if you would have gone to homecoming alone.

Dance with your friends, strike up conversations with your other friends and generally keep the “fun factor” on the maximum.

Keep in mind that he can’t control whether you will be happy or not.

So, decide to be happy and enjoy your homecoming night with or without him.

Don’t just become a wallflower.

You get to make the decision whether you want to be an angry brooding wallflower or the life of the party.

Choose to become the life of the party.


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