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What to Eat Before Prom – Ensure your Stomach is Flat

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Going to Prom is probably one of the most exciting events of your life to date. Part of the preparation is deciding what to eat before prom.

In just one night you will be transformed into a perfect princess with the right dress, makeup, and hairstyle.

Planning ahead is a good idea to ensure you look your best.

The dress, makeup and hairstyle can be easily arranged, but your own self, particularly your body, must be in the ideal shape and in top form for everything to go perfectly.

Being in the best shape, with glowing skin and shiny hair, are beauty factors that are just as important as picking the right dress and makeup.

What you eat and what your diet is a month or two before are also things to consider when preparing for prom.

Here are some easy to follow tips on what to eat before your big night (and of course what you shouldn’t eat):

What To Eat Before Prom Night

An apple a day does more than just keep the doctor away, it also helps ward off acne and clear the skin.

Don’t just stock up on apples though- you also need other fruits and vegetables. These are rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your mind and body healthy.

Your body must also be nourished with protein, carbohydrates (in limited amounts), healthy fat and fiber.

Remember that you are on a proper diet, not a crash diet. You should not starve yourself and deprive yourself of food.

A crash diet forces you to lose weight in a very unhealthy way and this can lead to fatigue, anxiety, illness and other undesirable effects on your overall health.

You just need to get serious with what you’re eating, which means becoming conscious of the amount you take in and choosing the healthiest options.

Avoid salty foods, junk food and fast food such as pizza, fries or doughnuts for these fatty foods can slow down digestion and store unwanted fats around your waist.

Munch on carrots or grapes or any other fruit or vegetable (apart from the ones on our avoid list lower down the page) and not chips.

Eat chicken or fish for protein. Eat granola bars or nuts for hunger pangs. Drink skim milk, fresh juice or green tea instead of soda.

Choose yogurt over dairy products. Choose mint for fresh breath and don’t chew gum.

You must still eat 3 meals a day and have light snacks in between. On top of all these foods you should be eating, drinking plenty of water is a must, ideally six to eight glasses of water per day. This will keep your skin hydrated and cleanse your body.

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Tone It Up Tips: How to Eat Healthy Before Prom

If you have a few weeks before the big dance effort and discipline put in ahead of time will help a lot.

Eating Tips For The Day Of Prom

Take sound precautions on what to eat before prom to prevent bloating and ruining your night.

There are various foods that you must avoid on the day before and on the night itself.

Foods to Avoid Before Prom

Try to eliminate gluten from your diet. Also avoid high fiber foods as these can cause bloating.

Stay away from these:

  • Sugar-free foods with malitol or sorbitol- these would be hard to digest and make you feel uncomfortable
  • Alcohol
  • Soft Drinks
  • Sparkling Water or any other carbonated drink
  • Beans and cabbage excrete gas-producing sugar in your body
  • Broccoli and cauliflower
  • Whole grain wheat
  • Brussel sprouts

A bloated stomach would be the exact opposite of an attractive flat stomach!

Try our reminders of what to eat before prom night and you will be well on your way to an evening to be proud of.

A great prom night with you looking and feeling your best is one of the most special events in life. It marks your passage from high school to college.

Be sure to record a picture or a video of your most glamorous self and send to us as well!

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