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10 Foolproof Prom Convo Starters – That Won’t Let You Down

Asking someone to prom can be awkward. Talk about a mix of excitement and awkwardness at the same time.

When the big night finally arrives, things can get uncomfortable if you don’t have much to talk about.

This is perfectly normal.

If you want to minimize any cringe worthy long pauses, here are some lines to break the ice and initiate conversation with your date:

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No 1: “Nice outfit, where did you get this?”

One thing that both girls and boys have in common is that they pay much of their attention (and money) to pull out their best prom outfit.

If you genuinely like what your date wears, compliment them about it and perhaps ask where did they get it as you are looking for one for your brother or sister.

Both the comment and the question will be appreciated for sure.

No 2: “Did you do well at the X test?”

If you had a test recently and your date is a good student, this question should work at making them open up further about their performance and perhaps ask you back if you also did well.

Keep in mind though that some people don’t like to tell about their grades or don’t really care about tests. Only ask your date if they have already shown a genuine interest on how well they did at school.

No 3: “Where do you plan to go on vacation?”

There is one thing for sure that comes right after the prom period–summer holidays.

Regardless of where your date plans to go (or not) , there will be some vacation plans.

Even if they don’t have any specific plans, they will tell you something relevant e.g I don’t know yet, perhaps I’m staying home this time so you still get an answer.

No 4: “What would you like to do after prom?”

In many cases, after-prom plans are already discussed by the whole class but if there are no official plans yet, perhaps a great way to initiate a convo would be to ask your date where they would like to do after prom and perhaps offer some suggestions as well.

If they seem undecided you can talk about going to an after party or a club afterwards.

No 5: “Where will you to college?”

Since all senior proms end a few months before entering college, this would be a quite relevant thing to ask, especially if you don’t know about each other’s college choices already.

Another variation of this is to ask them what exactly they are planning to study and let them explain why.

No 6: “I like this song. What’s your favorite song btw?”

Dancing with your prom date to a great song makes a great opportunity to start a convo on its own.

By asking this question, you also get a glimpse of their taste in songs and music as well.

No 7: “Do you have any pets?”

Ok, this question doesn’t work for everyone as some people don’t have any pets or don’t like pets, but if you are the guy chances are, your date like most girls has a pet or at least has real interest with animals and all that cute stuff.

This could also lead to further questions like “Cute, what’s its name” and “how to you take care of them” and so on.

No 8: “Any idea of what movie should I watch next?”

Movies are a subject that always remains relevant, especially for people your age and due to the fact that they are new movies constantly coming out.

That is a great ice breaker as your date will most probably respond with details like for example the actors that play in the movie or the movie plot in brief.

No 9: “Let’s take some pics. Smile”

Prom would be nothing memorable without taking pics to capture all your excitement and joy. Unless, you already took pictures a zillion times, telling your date to smile for more pictures wouldn’t hurt and will put you both in a great mood.

No 10: “Which thing about school are you going to miss the most?”

All senior students have at least one thing that they are going to miss after they graduate.

For some it’s their fellow students, for others it’s a certain teacher or a school subject. There will always be something to remember regardless.

Keep in mind that your prom date’s character and behavior matters the most when you are trying to find a good line that will break the ice.

To make sure you don’t end up feeling more awkward than before you started, choose from the above and keep the conversation flowing.

Good luck…

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