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Get a Prom or Homecoming Date by Text

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Although we don’t recommend getting a date by text, if you are starting to get desperate and/or running out of time it can be an option for you. Here are some texts that have worked and you can use them as a basis for your own texts.

Firstly make a list of the prospective guys you think would be good candidates for the Prom. If they all know each other you might want to stagger this approach.

Here are some samples of texts that you can send. Depending on the type of guy and your situation or level of shyness you can choose the appropriate one.

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Text 1 – The simple approach to getting a date

Simple, yet very effective. You can only really send this to one guy at a time though however, as could be awkward if two (or more) guys want to go with you!

“Will you be my date to prom?”

Text 2 – How to go to your Homecoming/Prom with a guy as friends

This is a favorite if you have some guy friends and would like to have a low-stress date that may not have the high expectations of going to a Prom or Homecoming with a romantic twist.

“We should go to homecoming as friends, I think we would have a great time!”

Text 3 – The subtle approach

If you like you can drop a hint, by using a text like this however you have to assume the guy you are texting has a little bit of brainpower.

Not always the case! This is one of those texts you can send to multiple guys as its like throwing out a baited hook when you are fishing.

You never know – you might get a few nibbles or better yet a big bite right on the hook. You could snare yourself the date of your dreams!!

Hey, was just wondering who u r going to homecoming with?

Hey, was just wondering do u hv a date to prom?

Text 4 – The reverse approach

Sometimes guys need someone to tell them what to do. If you suspect that a guy likes you but maybe a little shy and too scared to ask you the reverse approach can work wonders!

Hey – u better be quick if u are wanting to ask me to the prom!

Homecoming is just around the corner… jst saying!!

Text 5 – Desperation Text for a Prom Date

If all the previous methods have failed and you are out of luck and time, you need to suck up your pride and lower your standards. No girl wants to go to Prom on her own!! We have specially phrased this so you don’t have to be embarrassed.

Hey – heard you don’t have a date to prom. Wanna go together?

Hey – homecoming is next week.. heard you were dateless. Wanna go together?

We hope that these texts help you out of your situation. No girl should have to go to their Prom or Homecoming alone.


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