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Girls Asking Guys to Prom- Totally Taboo Or The Perfect Way To Score A Date?

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I am a firm believer of the notion that you do not need a date to go to prom.

As independent young women whose worth is not defined by our relationships with men, there should be absolutely no prom pre requisite of having a date.

Prom is about making memories, having a ball with friends, and no girl should ever feel like this isn’t possible because they have not been asked by a guy.

Why Then Do We Feel We Have To Have A Prom Date?

A prom date is certainly not mandatory and perhaps not even wanted by some of us.

I went stag by choice to Senior prom and had one of the best nights of my high school experience, and looking back wouldn’t have changed my solo ‘status’ for anything.

But for those of us wanting to go with that special someone in our lives, whether it be our boyfriends, crushes, or the cute guy with the nice dimples that sits 2 seats behind us in history class that you’ve been Snapchatting, having an amazing night with them may also be something that we wouldn’t want to give up for anything.

As much as I am a strong proponent of female independence when it comes to prom, I am also (quite ironically I know) a sucker for romance and fairy tale endings.

Les Miserables? Cry every time I watch it, nothing like the relate-able heartache of unrequited love.

The Notebook? Sob every time I see it, and not merely at the beauty of Ryan Gosling’s abs.

I think deep down in all of us, there is a little part of all of us that wants our storybook ending, to feel like we’re in a movie, to want to feel valued and loved and cherished by someone even when the times get tough.

These dreams are realized for some of us with Youtube sensation worthy prom-posals, where girls receive teddy bears and chocolates and maybe even pizza, or are asked via flash mob or a secret scavenger hunt through the courtyard.

Those of us secretly hoping for a date to prom can find ourselves waiting for these things, but also losing hope as the days pass and prom night looms.

And sometimes we wait and wait and wait and it still doesn’t happen.

Our prom fantasy seems to disappear right before our very eyes as we come to terms with going dateless to prom.

Chances are, not getting asked by a guy who you thought might, has nothing to do with you though.

Boys can be silly sometimes. They can send out mixed signals, put you in the ‘friend-zone’, act disinterested, or straight up drop the ball when it comes to asking you.

Often times they would really want to go with you actually, but they are either too shy or nervous to get up the courage to do so.

But just because THEY don’t ask you doesn’t you mean you have to end up not going with them.

So…Can Girls Ask Guys To Prom?

Back in the day girls asking guys to prom was totally taboo.

Even when our own mothers were in high school, a girl asking a guy to prom may have been seen as desperate or sad or just unnatural really.

However in the last decade or so this attitude has changed dramatically about girls asking guys to prom.

Some high schools even have started a whole occasion called ‘MORP’ where girls are expected to ask guys instead of the vice verse which is considered normal.

Flash Mob Prom Proposal Jenna Asks Edgar

There is no shame in asking a guy to prom. It does not make you desperate for a date or uncool; it shows you’ve got guts and courage, and confidence is definitely attractive, chances are he will love that you put yourself out there and took that step to ask him yourself.

Ladies, if you see what you want go out and make it happen.

We may be looking for a fairy tale, but hey, its 2015, who’s to say we can’t find our modern happily after by choosing our prince ourselves?

Here at we want to help you have the best prom possible. If you’re looking for ideas to ask a guy to prom, check out our article on ‘Best Promposal Ideas for 2018’!

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