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The Ultimate Heel Guide for a Pain-free Prom

If you are on the hunt for the perfect pair of heels for prom, style and color of your shoes should not be the only factors you consider.

You will be dancing and walking around the venue for hours, so you want to make sure that your heels are comfortable as well.

In fact, if you choose the wrong heels, you may be experience pain and discomfort and you may feel tempted to take your shoes off–not a good sight.

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Luckily, you can do several things to prevent discomfort and pain. Here are some tips for pain-free heels:

No 1: Use gel cushions

Gel cushions are made of a thin and transparent silicone material attached over a part of the shoes e.g heel, ball or sole of the foot to offer a layer of support and comfort.

Since they are transparent, you don’t have to worry about anything showing through as long as you attach them in place.

High quality gel cushions stick to the sole of the heel efficiently to prevent the cushions from slipping off.

Some good quality gel cushions for heels and other types of shoes are the Dr. Scholl party feet and massage gel heel cushions available in large pharmacies and from Amazon.

No 2: Avoid slipping with the use of sandpaper

New shoes are often slippery because their external bottom base is extra soft and polished.

To prevent this from happening (and possibly prevent any small accidents), you can take a small piece of sandpaper and rub it against the shoe bottom base (not the main shoe) to roughen it up so you minimize the chances of slipping and awkward falls.

Just a few swipes are enough to create a tad more friction so that your heels are more resistant to slippery surfaces.

No 3: Use ice to stretch your heels

This solution may sound a bit unusual but since ice has the ability to stretch other materials, you can use it to stretch the fabric of your heels as well.

Simply take two freeze bags, fill them with water, close the lid making sure that no air is trapped inside and place these inside the edge of your heels.

Leave these in your fridge for a few hours and then remove and let them rest at room temperature until the bags defrost and you can easily take them off your heels.

That’s it! Your new heels will be more soft and fit more comfortable during wear.

No 4: Wear socks to stretch your heels

Another less time consuming trick to stretch your heels is to wear thick socks first with your heels.

If you wear socks with your heels at least couple of times for a few minutes walking around, the material will stretch and soften up, making them feel less stiff and tight.

No 5: Use special toe protectors

If you want to avoid any pain or blistering to your toe region during prom and in case you are wearing closed end heels which cover your toes, a great idea would be to buying some toe protectors.

These are soft silicone or fabric materials in nude or transparent colors that typically cover ⅔ of the toes length to avoid friction with the hard fabric of the heels top.

You can find this in large pharmacies or online on Ebay and Amazon and typically sell for less than $10 per set.

Alternatively, you can use some tape to wrap your nails individually and protect them from blistering.

No 6: Use a hair dryer

Another hack to soften up the hard fabric of your heels is to use a hair dryer. The heat in these case will slightly expand the fibers of the material so it gets more soft and comfortable.

You can do this by blasting the shoes with warm air at safe distance (approx. 5 inches away) from your heels.

Be careful though–if use too high heat the material may melt, especially if it’s a leather or artificial fabric so make sure you use a lower heat setting at a safe distance from your shoes.

No 7: Use a thick body lotion or deodorant to avoid blistering

If you didn’t manage to find any special toe protectors, an alternative is to use a bit of body lotion or alcohol-free deodorant to the points where you’ll experience the most friction as the skin touches the inside parts of the heel e.g toes and the back of your feet.

Careful not to apply too much all over your feet or your heels will become slippery.

Besides these, you obviously want to choose a shoe that is true to your size with a bit of platform underneath for extra comfort and support.

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