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Home Coming Dress Up Days

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Homecoming is a great opportunity for students of a school to unite with each other.

Like prom, homecoming is an event that creates great memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

For some, homecoming is associated with a prom-like evening dance, whereas for others homecoming is linked with sports games and other fun activities under certain themes. It all depends on the school and area as homecoming traditions vary from region to region, even in the same country.

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If it’s up to you and the students to decide which theme you will go after, here are some common yet fun ideas that will make homecoming a fun event for everyone:

Holding a parade

The stars of the parade, will of course be you–the students while others like your family, teachers and locals will watch.

The best part is that in some schools, you are not required to wear your full uniform. Instead you can wear a costume in the color of your school or even something completely different that you have all agreed to wear.

Pep rally Some schools will organize a pep rally for the purpose of setting the ground and encouraging the teams with cheerleaders to do their best in the game/match, before it starts. This is fun thing to watch for sure…

Dress-up days This is probably the most entertaining aspect of a full homecoming event that lasts 5 days or one week in row. Each day is dedicated to a certain theme and students are instructed to wear something according to the chosen theme. Here are some common as well as more unique themes you can try out:

School theme colors day This is probably the most common theme as every school has a particular style and coloring in their logos and uniforms–the only difference is that instead of wearing your old plain uniform, you will be wearing a more fun costume with your school’s colors e.g if you are a female, that would be perhaps a cheerleading costume.

Decades day. Decade events will always remain popular no matter what–especially if you were born and spend your childhood in one of these past decades like the 90s and 80s. Since each decade is linked with a certain fashion style and attitude, you’ll have many ideas to choose from under each and still be in the theme of the day whilst looking different from others.

PJ day Yep, you’ve guessed it this theme is all about sporting your pyjamas and making yourself comfortable while a small student party takes place. No more glamour and formalities, this makes a true opportunity to loosen up and join in the fun with others in your comfy PJs.

Super Hero/Villain day. Now is your chance to show the superhero that you are–or your dark villain side on this super hero and villain day. Superman, spiderman, and batman as expected are the most popular costumes but you can choose something more unique and even make-up your own superhero/villain character and costume. That will definitely catch the attention of others.

Hawaiian or Exotic day In warmer US states like California and other regions of the world like Australia, holding a Hawaiian or exotic day theme in which you’ll wear flowers and a shirt or straw skirt is a relatively common theme. It will remind you of summer holidays even if they are over.

Bling Day Yep, as its name suggest, this a day where you’ll wear bling and show off all your glamor and star that you are. This will make you and your peers feel like VIPs and like they are attending an Oscar party. Of course, no need to buy something expensive to shine. Many stores online and offline offer cute bling options that cost as low as 3 bucks per piece.

Togas Greek God day Ancient Greek Gods are renowned for their timeless appeal and beauty and you can embrace the God or Goddess that you are with a white, blue, or golden themed costume of the God of your choice. Time to see plain boring history and mythology from another perspective.

Food day Although not so common as others, this food day allows you to dress up like your favorite food e.g veggie, fruit, meat or meal. Some schools even went as far to hold only one theme under each e.g only veggies or only junk food like burgers, fries, hot dogs, and pizzas. There are many food costumes in the market today, especially in US stores offline and online so no need to worry to find your favorite food.

What are your plans for homecoming this year?


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