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10 Homecoming Ideas to Ask a Girl to The Dance

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Are you excited about going to your homecoming dance? But you have not worked up the courage to ask someone to go with you? If so, you have come to the right place. Asking a girl to a dance can be a stressful task if you don’t know how to go about doing so.

Today you are going to learn some tips that will help you find a date to the dance. These tips will give you the confidence you need to ask that important question. So make sure to take plenty of notes and hopefully these ideas will land you a date to the homecoming dance!

1. Ask them out to a movie:

Going to the movies is both fun and relaxing. Once you have found the girl that you want to take to the dance, first invite her to the movies. After the movie is over with ask her if she would like to go to the dance with you. Sense she has had such a great time with you at the movies, she will likely say yes to the dance!

2. Send her balloons:

A fun way to ask your crush to the dance is by sending her some colorful balloons. Make sure to attach a note to the balloons asking her to the homecoming dance.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

3. Send her a singing telegram:

Can’t sing or dance? No problem as you can send a singing telegram. This is a great way to show your crush just how much you want to take her to the dance. There are many companies that offer singing telegrams and for a small fee you can have them ask the question for you.

But if your date is on the shy side you might want to avoid using this method.

4. Hire a skywriter:

While this option is a bit costly, it will really wow your crush. Hire a skywriter to write your message in the sky. Just make sure the girl you are asking to the dance is outside at the right time or else all bets are off. This might be expensive, so you might have to save your money up to cover the cost but when she says yes it will be well worth it.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

5. Get your friends involved:

Get a few of your friends together and create a big sign with the word homecoming on it with a question mark. Then have them surprise your crush when she least expects it. But remember to be there so that you can hear her answer. Also make sure to use colorful signs that will catch her eye quickly.

6. Take them to their favorite sporting event:

Some girls love sports just as much as guys do. A great place to pop the question is at your crushes favorite sporting event. If it is a large venue you might even want to use the jumbotron to ask them to the dance!

7. Take her on a picnic:

A very romantic way to take your potential dance date out is by throwing a picnic. Choose a nice park in your area and make sure to bring some yummy food. While you two are enjoying your meal ask her to the dance.

8. Write a poem:

If you are a decent writer, why not put your talent to work by writing your crush a poem. In the poem make sure to clearly ask her to the dance. Chances are you she won’t be able to resist your beautiful words. If you are not a great writer or you simply can’t come up with a poem, hire someone to write it for you

9. Order a pizza:

Call your local pizza restaurant and tell them that you want to have a pizza delivered to your crush. Ask them to write a note inside of the pizza box, asking her to go to the dance with you. She will be very surprised and she will have a yummy pizza to eat at the same time. Remember to only order her favorite toppings.

10. Give her a message in a bottle:

A great way to ask your potential date to the homecoming dance is to give her a message in a bottle. This ocean themed idea is a fun way to pop the question and it is very unique.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

So now you have no more excuses. One of these methods can work for you.

Which one will you use, or do you have another idea you would like to share?

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