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Homecoming Ideas To Ask a Guy

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More and more girls are asking guys to homecoming. It makes no sense to wait for the guy to make a move when you know you can ask him yourself.

Even though asking him to homecoming may not be a common thing, he’ll feel pleased that he didn’t have to ask. He’ll also be impressed with your confidence.

If you want some amazing ideas on how to ask a guy to homecoming, then keep reading.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

Leave a fake parking ticket

If he is a prankster (and what guy isn’t?) you can snare him with this cunning trick! You may either design your personal “ticket” or print one online. Write the question on the paper slip and then leave it on his windshield.

He’ll go from feelings of anger and confusion to having a huge smile on his face as he sees that you got him good.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to look that convincing – by just seeing an envelope on his windshield containing a piece of paper in it will be enough for him to think it’s legit.

You can paint it on using a car marker

Obtain some car markers which can be washed off easily and invite him to homecoming on the back windshield of his. If you are feeling artistic, you can then draw something to follow your message. Think of a thing that is similar to his interests, like soccer, football, or a cartoon character.

You may not want to take up his back windshield totally — ensure he can still see as he drives. If you actually want to take it up even on more level then also tape up some balloons to his car.

Get cunning with post-its

It’s not every guy that has a car, right? You can find places to stick post-it notes like in his locker or one of his textbooks. You have to ensure it’s in a location where he will surely see it and that it won’t easily blow off. You can go fancy and even write “Will you accompany me to a homecoming?” by writing only one letter on every post-it.

This choice is not at all risky, because post-its are really easy to remove.

Give a pizza of your heart to him

When next the two of you are hanging out playing video games or watching movies, recommend ordering delivery pizza. You can then make the phone call discreetly (yourself) and request the restaurant to just spell out “homecoming?” in veggies or pepperoni. Remember to ensure he is the one that opens the box! You can look for a friend to simply “deliver” the pizza on your behalf, or you can get it sent to his house when you are not really there.

Spell it out in sushi

You can invite him to a sushi dinner and then ask the chef to organize the sushi so in order that it spells “homecoming?” out. You will have to either contact the restaurant earlier or just sneak over and talk to the waitress if your date is not there so that he will really be surprised! Also, you could invite him over for a sushi and organize the pieces yourself on a dish.

Even though handling the fish with your bare hands might not be the most attractive thing, he’ll be enthralled by the creativity you displayed.

Ask your teammates for assistance

If you’re a member of a club or on a sports team at school, ask some of your teammates to just pose with the letters “h” “o” “m” “e” “c” “o” “m” “i” “n” “g” spelled next to each other out on their t-shirts, shorts, swim caps, or anything applicable. How could he say no to a ten smiling photos of beautiful faces? You could also take a photo of friends dressed in this manner and then send it to him, if it is difficult to compose this live.

You can sing it to him

If you can play an instrument, then write a slight jingle which integrates lyrics to ask him to prom. This will not just get across the message in a cute manner, it will also remind him of your musical talents which will really win his heart.

What are your ideas to invite a guy to homecoming?


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