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Homecoming Trends 2020 – For Girls and Guys

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Much less formal than Prom, Homecoming is still a fun event to rock your outfit, drink, party, and reconnect with your classmates. Let’s look at some of the latest homecoming trends post Covid 19.

Many schools have a homecoming theme, especially if it’s for celebrating a homecoming game. If your school has a theme then that can be a good starting point.

Homecoming trends

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Here are some general homecoming trends for 2020, for girls and guys:

Homecoming Trends For girls:

Homecoming fashions – Short Dresses

It seems that every year homecoming dresses get shorter and shorter and 2020 will be no exception. Short dresses are fantastic to dance in and they can be reused at other events.

Dresses in pastel colors

Pastel colored dresses are part of the latest homecoming trends. We love these dresses as they are extra girly and give off a vintage vibe that is back in fashion.

If you are a fair skinned gal, you can rock pretty much any pastel shade–from baby blue to baby pink and all the shades in-between.

Tanned and darker toned gals can still rock this trend if the pastel shade they choose have a neutral or warm undertone e.g light beige, light yellow, white, or green. .

Cut-out midi dresses

The cut-out dress trend has been in fashion for the last 2-3 years and will continue to be in fashion this year as well.

Cut-out dresses are extra modern and sexy without looking trashy so if you don’t like the idea of wearing vintage pastel dresses, try wearing a cut-out midi dress instead.

Midi dresses usually finish just below the knee and that makes them perfect for a semi-formal event like homecoming.

If you combine both the cut-out and the midi dress, you’ll have a combo that is very eye-catching and flattering, especially if you are slim with a few curves.


Jumpsuits are a 2020 fashion trend that is here to stay. Although in homecoming wearing short semi-formal dresses is the usual norm, jumpsuits are a great alternative option as they look elegant without being too formal.

If you are going for a jumpsuit, choose one in a solid color e.g red, blue, black, and white and accessorize with silver, gold, or bronze accessories.

Avoid too bold patterns as these accentuate not-so-favorable spots of your body.

Bold lips with neutral eyemakeup

Normally in prom, heavy eye makeup with neutral lips is very common. However, for homecoming where things are less formal, you want to go for something more modern, fresh, and light.

A great 2020 makeup trend that we’ve seen in fashion shows is the bold lip trend with minimal and neutral eye makeup.

For example, you can wear a bright shade of red, pink, orange, or purple with a matching lip liner to enhance the borders of your lips and a thin line of eyeliner or eye pencil in a soft black or brown color instead of heavy liquid eyeliner and lashes.

Eyeshadow colors should also be neutral and have a soft matte or satin finish. To finish up your look, go for a warm blush or bronze shade and just one coat of mascara.

Bag and shoe mismatch

Matching our shoes with our bags has been the norm for ages but according to many fashion experts, this trend isn’t modern, nor unique.

Our mothers and grandmothers have been doing it for years, but if you are 18 and going to attend homecoming, this trend lacks creativity and may possibly make you look a few years older.

Before you go on the hunt to find a shoe and a bag in the same color, go for these color combos instead: black bag and red shoes, gold bag and white shoes, purple bag and black shoes, yellow or beige bag and pink shoes.

Homecoming Trends For guys:

Floral shirts or jackets

Floral shirts and jackets might look a bit girly and intimidating for some guys, but they have been in fashion over the last few years and this year they are coming back as bold as ever.

If you don’t want to go for the typical boring white or black shirt with a suit, try a floral shirt or jacket and balance it off with pants and shoes in neutral colors like beige, black, and white.

Gold/Silver trainers

This trend inspired by famous rappers is another likely 2020 fashion trend for young guys attending a semi-formal event like homecoming.

They make you look more polished, glowing, and unique and they don’t look not too formal either too informal.

Of course, you don’t want to match them with a complete metallic outfit unless you want to look like an astronaut or disco ball.

Nude color pants

Although black, grey, white and navy blue are classic options when it comes to pants of your suit, wearing nude colored pants looks more modern and will make you stand out without looking excessive.

Plus, you can match it with almost any color of shirt and jacket you like for a nice contrast.

What are you looking forward to in this year’s homecoming trends?


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