Homecoming vs Prom – Differences You Really Need To Know

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On the surface prom and homecoming may seem very similar or even the same thing. Actually though there are very distinct differences between the two events.

Here is an overview of homecoming vs prom:


Homecoming is normally a week-long event organized by high schools or colleges. For colleges, homecoming is a time to welcome back old alumni who were a part of the college years ago. In high school, the homecoming game celebrates the careers of the senior high school athletes, normally the football players.

Since homecoming is in the fall, dress is a little less formal and dress length can be much shorter. This does depend on the school but most schools see homecoming as a semi-formal event.

Comfort is also taken into account because the temperature is often very hot just on the heels of summer and high schools want to make sure their students are comfortable.

It can vary a bit between schools but for the most part, homecoming is much more relaxed.


Prom is often viewed as the most important event in high school.

It is normally held in the late spring. April – June is generally known as “prom season”.

Prom is very formal and it is the more expensive event of the two.

Since prom is formal and the weather is often cooler, girls often wear gowns that reach the floor and the guys are required to wear either suits or tuxedos. High heels are a must for prom however homecoming can allow for flats or a low heel.

Prom is often the highlight of a girl’s high school life. Many girls plan for prom months in advance and spend a few years dreaming of becoming prom queen.

Prom is by far more important for girls than guys and most girls put an excessive amount of effort into prom preparations.

What are the main differences between homecoming and prom?

  • Prom is a very formal event whereas homecoming is more casual
  • Prom is normally at the end of the school year whereas homecoming is at the beginning
  • Homecoming dresses are often slightly shorter than prom dresses for comfort and due to the semi-formal nature
  • Prom is often geared towards girls whereas homecoming is for alumni and seniors
  • Prom is significantly more expensive due to the nature of the event. Dress, dinner, and tickets will run students 3-4x more money than homecoming

Prom and homecoming are often reflected on as being some of the best times in a girl’s life so try to remember not to get too stressed and overwhelmed.

So what are you most excited about this year? Prom? Homecoming? or both?

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