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Inside Word On The Hottest Prom Dresses And Trends – Exclusive

Are you sure you have chosen the best look for Prom?

Will you even be allowed to wear it? If it is too risky some schools will turn you away at the door.

Some schools are so concerned about what girls are going to be wearing and whether or not it is appropriate or not that they are pre-approving dresses!

Here at promsie we think that is ridiculous.

So with that in mind you need to balance what is appropriate, plus of course try to figure out what is a rising trend and what is becoming less popular.

We reached out to one of the most popular prom dress brands to get the inside word about what prom trends are coming into fashion, and to get an idea of their top five most popular styles this year.

Mac Duggal On Prom Trends And Styles


Nicole from Mac Duggal talks to us about her observations this year and has sent us Mac Duggal’s top 5 most popular styles.

Promsie – What have you been seeing this year – compared to last year?

Nicole – “This year we are seeing a lot more two piece dresses coming into fashion.

Florals are always very in, but style 85441M mixes florals with a fantastic sheer black skirt.

85441M BlackMulti

85441M BlackMulti

It’s different and I haven’t seen anything else like it in prom.”


Promsie – What else is popular?

Nicole – “Sparkle is still important, but in a more toned down way.

Mac Duggal 40380A takes sheer and sparkle on the bodice for a more classic Hollywood style.

40380A Red

40380A Red

Personally I am seeing girls take bigger risks this year. They are paying more attention to upcoming trends and the red carpet.

It’s made this prom season extremely successful because the girls know they can find something unique with Mac Duggal.


Finishing off the top five are these three beautiful styles.

40419L Black

40419L Black

62062M Red

62062M RedNude

4152M PlatinumGold

4152M PlatinumGold

Hopefully by now you have your dress sorted, your date organized and are counting down the days 😉

Mac Duggals Website, Facebook Page, Twitter Account

What do you think of these dresses?

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