How does Homecoming work?

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Homecoming is generally held in early to mid October, or sometimes late September.

Its main purpose is welcoming back the alumni of a school. Additionally, many Homecomings are also based around a game of American football.

Normally a whole week is taken up with Homecoming. You can check the schedule for your Homecoming on your School/College website.

What is Homecoming court?

You may have heard your friends talk about Homecoming Court and wondered what that was about.

Homecoming Court is a group of students that may include a King, a Queen and sometimes even Prince and Princesses!

This can vary if you go to a single sex school, for example if you go to an all girls school you may only have a Queen and a Princess.

If you are lucky enough to be the Homecoming Queen or King, you may be expected to make a short speech either at the dance, the parade or at the halftime break of the football game.

Homecoming Court Example Video – Minnetonka Senior High School Homecoming Court

Homecoming Parade

Most Homecomings have a parade where the school classes and organizations get to create a float that is related to the Homecoming theme.

The Homecoming Court also takes part in the parade, you may see them riding together in convertibles, along with the floats in the parade.

Homecoming Parade example – at Lake Mary High School.

Homecoming Dance

The highlight of the week is of course the Homecoming Dance!

This can be held at the school or at another location.

At high schools the school gymnasium is sometimes the venue for the dance, and some schools even have it outside on the school field.

Homecoming is not normally as formal as a Prom, girls can have their hair down and wear knee-length dresses, whereas at Prom girls normally wear their hair up and wear a formal gown.

Homecoming Dance example – Shepherd – Hill Regional High School

Homecoming is always a festive, fun occasion so make sure you enjoy yours!

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