How To Ask A Girl To Homecoming Without Embarrassing Yourself

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Asking a girl to homecoming can be intimidating.

The internet thrives on focusing on some of the most outrageously creative ways to ask. This just adds to the trepidation you likely feel.

If you have had a look online, you have no doubt seen some of these incredibly creative ways others have asked a girl to homecoming.

How could you miss them? Some have gone viral.

The problem is that not everyone is as creative.

While we commend the creators of these amazing ways you can ask a girl to homecoming, they have raised the bar for the rest of you.

Girls have some expectations and the intimidating factor has gone up considerably.

It’s cool if you are the creative kind and can come up with a killer way to ask a girl to homecoming.

This is not the case for all of us though so if you are dreading the moment you ask her out, here are a few things you can do to ease your way and hopefully get a positive response.

Prepare yourself

You are probably afraid that she will say no.

This is why it is so hard to even work up the courage to ask her.

The fear of rejection is real but you can overcome it by preparing your mind for the possible rejection.

You do this by keeping in mind that even if she says no, she will be flattered that you asked.

The idea that she will be upset when you ask her is probably keeping you from asking. Therefore for no other reason than to make her day, ask her and then accept whatever her choice is.

The next step in your preparation is to find out if she already has a date.

This will save you a lot of time and trouble. You can find out if she already has a date from her friends.

If she already has one, it is in bad faith to try to convince her to ditch her date and go out with you instead.

Doing this may ruin any chance you might have with her in the future and you definitely don’t want that.

If she doesn’t have a date, choose how you will ask her.

You can decide to ask her in person, over the phone or even come up with one of those creative proposals. Whatever you do though, ensure that the gesture is genuine and honest.

You will get a yes if you are yourself more than if you try to go out of your comfort zone and end up with a cheesy proposal.

Action Tips – How To Ask A Girl To Homecoming

The perfect way to ask her would be in person.

It is tempting to do it over the phone since that way you can actually hide behind the barrier that is the phone.

But if you want to increase the chances she will say yes, do it in person.

how to ask a girl to homecoming

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Tips to help you through the actual asking

  • It is important that you choose the right time to ask her. Avoid asking her when she is in a rush or doing something else like when she is in class. Also, avoid asking her when she is in a group, that’s just showing off and chances are you will be putting undue pressure on her.
  • Don’t just blurt it out, talk to her first. Initiate a conversation about something you have in common and them work the proposal somewhere in there. You will likely get a yes, because the conversation you just had with her proves she will have a good time at homecoming.
  • Everyone loves a compliment so find a way to compliment her when asking.
  • Hold her attention while asking. You can do this by simply looking her in the eye and smiling. She is less likely to get bored and attempt to get rid of you if you show that you are genuinely interested in her and she wasn’t just an afterthought.
  • It is important to be prepared but don’t memorize what you are going to say. This usually makes what you are saying sound faked and rehearsed and she will probably see right through that.
  • Be confident but never condescending or pompous. Confidence is likely to get you a yes, condescending and pompous on the other hand is a turn-off for most girls.

Video of How to Ask a Girl to Homecoming

More ideas in this slightly cringe factor but useful video from a girl who tells how she would be liked to be asked to homecoming.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to ask, giving in to fear could cost you a great homecoming date.

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