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Ultimate Guide to Choosing Prom Accessories (And Where to Buy)

Accessorizing may come secondary to your prom outfit, but it can really make the difference between “ordinary” and “glamorous”.

If you manage to do it right.

Since prom is a special event with a particular style, here are some tips for picking up the best accessories that will suit both your style and the occasion:

No 1: Choose accessories based on the color and style of your dress

A basic styling rule to keep in mind is to play up or down your accessories depending on your dress style.

For example, if your dress is bright and colorful on its own, it’s best to wear more subtle and delicate accessories. Otherwise wearing statement and loud pieces will make the whole outfit look tacky and too much.

Image: Flickr

On the contrary, if you wear a simple dress in a solid color, you can add a bit more sparkle and glam with your accessories to make your outfit pop or at least look more interesting.

If you aren’t sure though, it’s best to go simple rather than ultra-sparkly as it’s best to enhance your whole outfit, you don’t want your accessories to overshadow everything else.

Prom Accessories for a Red Dress

Image: Flickr


The best color shoes to wear with a red dress are black, red, silver or gold


Black, nude, gold, silver or if it is not overkill you can go red as well.


Go red or nude.

Prom Accessories for a Black Dress

Image: Flickr


The best color shoes to wear with a black dress are black, or silver.


It is best not to have a pure black bag if you are wearing a black dress, so either go with a black bag that has glitter or another color to break it up. Or red, blue or gold can look good as well.


Primrose pink, bright red or a plum color all look great to go with a black dress.

No 2: Choose accessories based on your natural skin tone and features

Another good styling rule when it comes to accessorizing for formal events is to match them according to your skin tone and undertones.

Warmer, olive skin tones, and lightly tan skin tones (think Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez) look their best with golden and bronze accessories, because of the golden olive undertones of their skin.

On the other hand, fairer and cooler tones gals with peachy or pink undertones (think of Cameron Diaz, Amanda Seyfried, and Jessica Biel) look their best with silver accessories.

If you have neutral skin tones, you can wear any shade of metallic like golden, bronze, or silver, and it won’t clash with your skin tone.

No 3: It’s best to keep the same tone with all your accessories e.g jewellery, bags, and shoes

If for example you are going to wear golden necklace, you want to match your golden tone with your bags and shoes or the result will just look off.

If you are going to wear metallic jewellery but don’t want to go all metallic with the rest of your accessories like your bag and shoes, it’s best to pick solid and classic colors like black, white, grey, dark blue, or nude–which is the latest trend in fashion.

The overall result should match blend ideally with the rest of your outfit.

No 4: Of course, you can always follow the latest fashion trends when it comes to accessorizing–if they match you

The latest trends for 2017, include subtle rose gold necklaces, thin line chokers, golden ankle cuffs with a vintage or an ancient greek touch, and small sized velour or metallic bags.

If you are a rock chic, try multiple ear cuffs or place the multiple rings in your finger instead. Statement necklaces can still be worn this year as well but make sure that there is no pattern in your dress or too much colors at once because you’ll look clownish.

Remember, fashion is great as long as it matches you–and in the case of your prom outfit where you want your dress to steal the spotlight, it’s best to go for something subtle than crazy.

No 5: Guys who want to accessorize are lucky as they don’t have to worry too much about wearing something other than a tie or shoes

The only thing to keep in mind is that your ties and shoes should match your whole outfit while making an interesting contrast with your shirt, especially if it’s going to be a solid color.

In some cases, a tie or a bow tie isn’t necessary and may add a fresh touch to your look. The latest accessorizing trends for guys include wearing nude oxford shoes or shoes and ties with a metallic (golden, silver, bronze, and asphalt) or velour finish.

Where to buy Prom Accessories

If you don’t have the time to physically shop around, you can visit online places which have a wide accessorie range for formal events like,, Amazon also has some great and well priced accessories for prom.

The thing is, sometimes the actual piece may differ in real life than the pic you see online, and it’s best to go for something on a budget and subtle if you don’t want to end up making a wrong purchase.

If you are going to buy something expensive, make sure that it’s a classic piece that you can wear in other occasions as well.

Paying a few hundred for an expensive necklace that you are only going to wear for prom is a waste of money.

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