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How to Ease Your (and Your Parent’s Nerves) During Prom Preparation

Getting ready for prom night is exciting, but can also be overwhelming.

You want to make sure you look your best and everything runs smoothly.

When you have many things to take care of e.g your outfit, your appearance, your date, and transportation, it’s easy to get stressed. This can trigger misunderstandings with your friends or family.

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Here is how to tackle your nerves so you can relax and enjoy the moment:

1.)Prepare everything at least a month in advance

The biggest stressor when it comes to prom preparation is having to endure unlucky incidents that happen at the last minute e.g. the prom dress you’ve ordered online fails to arrive on time or not having a vehicle available to drive you to prom.

If you don’t want to resort to last minute solutions, make sure you plan everything at least a month in advance.

That includes finding and purchasing your prom outfit, booking a makeup artist and hair-stylist (unless you are going to do your own make-up) booking a car or limo (if parent’s aren’t going to drive you) and of course, finding your prom date.

Tip: girls need to be extra careful when preparing for prom to avoid last-minute disasters.

For example, if you have to remove your hair or get a facial done, do so at least one week in advance so even if something happens like a razor burn, or your skin turning bright red, there are few days left in-between for your skin to recover.

That also applies to procedures like hair color and having your nails done.

2.)Have back-up replacements or solutions in case a disaster happens

Accidents that happen at the last moment e.g. your shirt or dress getting stained, or vehicle not making it in time, are not as rare as you may think.

To prevent these, make sure you have back-ups or solutions in place that will help you instantly fix them e.g an stain removal pen or a second vehicle arranged.

3.) Tell your parents all the basics

If you don’t want to have any misunderstandings with your parents, and make them worried for no reason, explain clearly all the major details.

Let them know the time you’ll get picked up by the limo, the time of the event and when you estimate to be back home.

If you are going to be at your friend’s house first, make sure to tell them who it is and share a picture or two so they know what you are doing.

4.) Arrange to meet your friends or date a couple of hours before the vehicle comes to pick you up

Many arrange meeting their friends and date in their homes or another place a few hours before prom for sharing the fun, taking pictures, and waiting for a bus or limo to pick them all up.

This also helps you ease your nerves.

5.) Make sure you get plenty of sleep

Not only should you be well rested, by try to eat and drink something that will keep you feeling nice and energized.

It’s easy to lose sleep the night before as you get excited or stressed but failing to get sufficient sleep will make you feel tired and worse during prom day.

Try a calming chamomile tea before sleeping time or better, get a relaxing bath filled with nice salts and scents and pamper yourself so your body and mind get the chance to relax and rejuvenate.
When you wake-up, eat a nice healthy breakfast or brunch like avocados or boiled eggs in a toast or a good portion of salad and a smoothie or juice to keep you energized.

It’s best to avoid junk food as it will make you feel bloated and sluggish as the day goes through.

As long as you eat something healthy and full of energy, you are ready to go.

Alcohol and caffeine consumption is also a big no-no as they may elevate you for a few hours but then you will get an energy crash and the jitters.

6.) Try some relaxation techniques and exercises

A little stress and nervousness is perfectly fine but if you feel more stressed than excited, perhaps you should try some relaxation techniques to ease your nerves before getting ready.

A good basic exercise would be taking deep breaths and meditating or listening to relaxing music like Enya or the sounds of ocean.

Lighting a candle with lavender or any other relaxing scent in your room while you get ready also helps lift up your spirits.

As long as you have planned everything fine and taken care of yourself , there is nothing to worry about.

It will all help you feel carefree and excited for the fantastic evening ahead.

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