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How to Have Fresh Breath on Prom Night (Important)

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It goes without saying that you want to give your date and friends a positive impression on prom night.

You only have one chance to make people remember you and your breath plays a very important role in this.

No girl who cares about their hygiene leaves their home without brushing their teeth, but sometimes bad breath can be a problem that requires more than just a quick brush of the teeth to fix.

Here are some easy ways to get your bad breath under control on prom night.

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1. Using Breath Fresheners

If you are nowhere near a toothbrush and your smelly breath is spoiling your day, reach for a breath freshener.

This can be a breath mint, a spray or lozenges. Whatever you choose just make sure it is sugar free. The bacteria causing bad breath in your mouth will cling to the artificial sugar in the gum instead of your gums or teeth.

Gum chewing will also help you salivate which helps prevent dry mouth and gets rid of food particles. Go for gums with xylitol and if you are using a spray breath freshener, ensure it does not have alcohol, as this will likely dry your mouth which also contributes to a smelly mouth.

2. Floss Regularly

Even though it is time consuming and it kind of hurts, if you want a fresh breath on your prom night, you have no choice but to floss.

This is mainly because bacteria and other food particles usually get stuck between the teeth and then emit the stench that causes your friends to look sideways when you are talking to them.

So if the big day is in 2 or 3 weeks start flossing now and you will be glad you did!

3. Clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth

Bacteria love to lodge on top the tongue, especially at the back. So if the is tongue is not cleaned properly after a meal, bacteria will start working on the food remains causing a bad odor.

Swirling some water in your mouth after eating can counter this especially after eating a snack when you cannot brush your teeth. A tongue scraper along with brushing your teeth is also recommended.

4. Use mouthwash

Mouthwashes help protect your gums and teeth plus they kills bacteria that cause bad odor from the mouth. Swirsh the mouthwash for about 60 seconds and then gargle it for another 45 seconds. Gargling is very important as it helps the liquid get at the back of the mouth and inside the cheeks areas that are harder to reach with a floss or toothbrush. Try to keep away from mouthwashes that contain alcohol, they dry the mouth which may worsen your problem.

5. Avoid foods that sour your breath

Avoid garlic and onions, they are the big offenders. Even brushing after eating them doesn’t help much. The components that cause their foul smell usually make their way into the bloodstream and then move to the lungs where you breathe them out when talking.

The ideal way to stop the problem is just to avoid them, or at least don’t eat them a day or two before the prom night.

6. Don’t smoke

Besides causing cancer, staining your teeth and damaging your gums, smoking can leave your mouth smelling like an ashtray.

The only reliable way to avoid the ashtray smell is to quit smoking, but mints and other breath fresheners can also help counter the bad odor. If you cannot quit completely, try not to smoke at least on prom day. There are also some OTC nicotine patches that can help control the urge to smoke.

7. Chew Herbs

You can also use mother nature to counter bad breath. Chewing some herbs like parsley cleans the palates and gets rid of bad odor from the mouth naturally.

Cardamom can also be used in getting rid of bad breath when used to prepare meals. Taking some green or black tea or herbal tea like peppermint tea can also do the trick.

8. Eat fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits can also help clean your teeth, while the antioxidants, acids and vitamins that they contain enhance dental health. Fruits that can be specifically helpful include: Apples, carrots, celery and pineapples.

Final Word

Even though bad breath can be super embarrassing, it doesn’t have to define you. Some sugar free gum, some dental care and a delicious cup of green tea can all put you on the right track to fresher breath.

But the most essential thing on a prom night is to enjoy and embrace every moment.

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