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How to lose weight for prom (even if you can’t stick to a diet)

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If you are worrying about not being able to lose weight before prom, then just follow these simple tips and you will lose weight in a matter of days, even if you can’t keep to a strict diet.

Run as much as possible: If you have enough time to do a full body workout on a treadmill, go ahead, but like most people, you probably won’t have enough time to do so. The easy solution to fixing this problem is by just running as much as possible, instead of taking the elevator, go up some stairs, instead of driving your car to the mall down the road, walk. Just try to walk/run as much as possible.

Do simple workouts: A few sit-ups a day will get you on the right track to success. As you do the workout more often, add in harder actions, such as press-ups and burpies.

Drink tons of water: make sure that you have water with every meal and through out your daily life, this will both keep you healthy, and flush bad things out of your body. Instead of buying a coke, bring water, this way you will both stay healthy and save money.

Eat healthier: I don’t mean you have to go on some full on diet, I just mean that you should watch what you eat, try to cut back on fast foods and add more fruit and veggies to your diet

Eat smaller portions: Make a conscious effort to take less when serving yourself food. The less calories you put in, means the less you will need to burn off and the more weight you will lose.

You can lose weight pretty fast if you put your mind to it, follow these tips and allow yourself enough time to make a difference. Don’t leave it till a day or two before the big night, give yourself as much time as you can!

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