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How to Make Your Hairstyle Last All Night for Prom

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Whether you’re going old-school with a high beehive look or modern with braids, waves and ponytails, you probably know that any special occasion takes a lot of work when it comes to getting just the right formal hairstyle.

It’s always frustrating when the look you spent so much time or money on simply won’t stay solid, and it can be a disaster for photos and videos.

Luckily there are lots of ways out there to keep your hair looking glamorous and beautiful on prom night without all the hassle of re-doing it.

Here are some of the many options for how to make your hair last all night during prom or homecoming.

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Hair Elastics

One of the first products you’ll definitely want to consider is hair elastics, but not just any type of elastic – there are specific brands and styles of hair elastic that slide out without any mess, pulling, tangles or breakage, which is especially important if you’re keeping your hair tied back while styling it before your special night.

Breakage in your hair can cause a frizzy look, as well as split ends which are a definite must-not on any formal outing or dance.

Look for “ouchless” (non-pulling) hair elastics such as Goody Women’s Ouchless Elastics, Neutral to hold your hair in place during styling or during prom night if your hairdo includes a ponytail or braids.

Hair-care Products

If your hair is very dry or oily and this is a reoccurring problem that a simple shampoo won’t fix, it can cause your hair to end up going greasy or frizzy even just a couple of hours after styling.

There are two options you can try for solving this issue before your prom night.

  • First of all, consider the hair-care products you already use on a daily basis. Are you using too many too often, or are you not using enough? Try to find a balance of products that works for you personally, as every hair type is a bit different.
  • Secondly, consider trying out a hair repair product such as a clay hair mask or repair serum. This can cut back on breakage, split ends, frizzing, oiliness and built-up dirt to leave your hair looking more glossy and clean.

There are even specific repair serums for dyed hair, such as NatureLab. Tokyo – Perfect Repair, which can cut back on damage from any dying, bleaching or chemical treatment previously done to your hair.

One tried and true product anybody will tell you is a prom night essential would be hairspray. This is especially true for very elaborate or “big” styles such as curls and buns, which can easily go flat or come loose without anything to hold the style together.

Depending on your style, you can choose a hairspray specific to your preferences, from funky glitter hairspray to volumizing hairspray for anyone who likes a bit more bounce to their style.

With most prom events usually set during the late spring or early summer, humidity is always an issue so a hairspray such as Loreal Advance Hair Style Lock It Weather Control Hair Spray is a great choice for weather control and holding power.

Bring the can with you in your purse or in a cosmetics bag on prom night so you can keep using it as needed.

No matter which era, curls are always in style during prom night and if you’re looking to get the perfect selfie for Instagram or the best yearbook photos, keeping your curls in line is always important.

Many girls who get their hair curled before prom have the annoying problem of them sliding away during the night, becoming flat or very frizzy.

To avoid this problem, use a very strong curling iron or heated hair rollers rather than overnight wear-in curlers, and consider using a styling product or hair mousse like TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier.

This will help you keep your curls looking soft and natural without the frizz or the “poodle” look that a home perm kit can create.

Whether you’re curling or straightening your hair to get the perfect prom style, if you’re applying any form of extreme heat to your hair, ALWAYS use heat protection spray.

This prevents breakage, frizzing, burnt hair and tangles, and helps create a more natural looking style without destroying your hair or drying it out.

The last thing anybody wants on prom night is burnt hair!

Heat protection spray is easy to find and various brands like Argan Oil Hair Protector Spray exist which are made from natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

As an extra tip, don’t ever attempt to use a curling or straightening iron on wet hair.

Always blow-dry or air-dry your hair first, and if you smell any smoke or bizarre odor while ironing your hair, immediately stop using the iron to minimize any damage caused by burnt or damaged hair.

Protecting Against the Weather

Prom night and homecoming often happen regardless of the weather, so to be prepared for heavy rain or mist, bring an umbrella with you to protect your hair from humidity and dampness.

If you’re dreading the thought of having to lug around an old-fashioned heavy umbrella with the long hooked handle, don’t worry – you can use a compact portable umbrella instead.

These more modern umbrellas easily fit into purses, coat pockets and bags so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of trying to find a place to store it while you’re enjoying your dance or chatting with friends.

This is a good model – the Sttech1 Travel Light Umbrella

There’s one more thing that no prom hairstyle would be complete without, and these little accessories have been around for a long time and still remain a classic choice in holding together hairstyles – bobby pins are always a popular option for keeping hair in place, and they come in a variety of styles, including the simple classic style Conair Color Match Bobby Pins which easily slide into hair, and more elaborate spiral-shaped bobby pins for holding in large buns and beehive looks.

If your hair is particularly difficult to manage or you just need a lot of holding power, you can also consider using a hairpin kit with rubber elastics and bobby pins included such as Soft’n Style Hair Accessory Kit to keep your hair looking its best all night long.

One last thing to remember is that prom night is about staying connected to all your best friends and having fun!

Share some of your hair-care products and accessories, or help your friends style their hair before you all go out for your big event!


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