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How To: Not Subject Your Feet to Death by High Heels!

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If you have Homecoming or prom right around the corner, it means (for shoe lovers like myself at least) it’s time to find those killer kicks to dance the night away in!

For many girls, this will mean finding the perfect pair of heels.

These day’s heels are found in a wide range of styles, colours, patterns, textures, designs, heights and levels of comfort.

And most girls will tell you that they will look for heels which suit their dress and jewellery before taking any considerations of comfort into account.

However, though putting fashion first might seem a good decision at the time, many girls who have been there and done that will tell you that often the shoes that hurt just aren’t worth it.

While the ‘one-off’ wearing of heels for a special occasion may seem benign, repeatedly wearing 6-inch stunners can have very negative health consequences long term, such as developing bunions on your feet, or straining your Achilles tendon.

Even if you are someone who doesn’t normally wear high heels, simply wearing them to homecoming (or prom) for one night out of the year can still leave you with problems such as muscle cramps, blisters, and in some dire circumstances, even broken bones.

Towering inches above the ground not only puts strain on your feet, legs, and back, but also puts you at a much higher risk of falling-something no girl on her special night wants!

Despite these potential consequences though, many girls will choose to wear heels on the night anyway. And understandably so; so often it’s our shoes that make or break our look.

However, if you decide to take this risk, there are a few key things you can do to drastically decrease your chances of negative health implications.

1) Choose a style with a wider heel base

Wearing stilettos with a small heel circumference means that a good portion of your weight will be concentrated on one small surface.

Concentrating so much pressure on one area can lead to foot pain and strongly persuade you to take off even the cutest of heels before the night is even halfway though. Dancing can be very difficult in painful shoes and you do not want to spend your night battling with your shoe decision.

Fortunately, shoes with thicker heels are oh-so-fashionable at the moment, and shoes such as wedges or styles with significant platforms in the toe can help you spread and balance your weight more evenly.

2) Get shoes that fit right

At all costs, avoid wearing shoes that your feet slide forward in to homecoming.

And if the shoes to die for don’t come in your size and you’re dead-set on wearing an ill-fitting pair, at least use [easyazon_link identifier=”B0012Z7BX6″ locale=”US” tag=”promsie0d-20″]gel inserts[/easyazon_link] to help your feet stay in place.

It is imperative to avoid toes sliding forward as this causes weight to be distributed incorrectly and puts strain on your hips, lower back and knees.

Although wearing heels for merely one night may seem benign, long term strain in these areas can lead to major health issues such as sciatica, where trapped nerves can lead to numbness in the feet in legs. Repeated ‘one off’ uses of ill-fitting heels put you at a much higher risk of developing issues like this.

3) Stretch

Low heels are ideal i.e. no more than an inch and a half. However, it is understandable and even desirable for the ‘vertically-challenged’ of us especially (myself included in this category) to want to wear taller shoes on the night of a school dance like homecoming.

Whether it be to make us closer to our dates height, to show off our legs or just because we like to dress up and feel fancy in heels, it’s more or less a given that the majority of girls these days will opt to wear high heels.

However it’s important to do what you can to mitigate potential negative side effects of wearing those killer pumps.

Consistently wearing heels 2 inches or higher increases your risk of a shortened Achilles tendon which can lead to painful heels and even more painful experiences walking, running and going about your daily life.

If you are someone who often wears heels and plan to on homecoming night, check out these stretches which you can do to help lower your chances of Achilles pain.

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