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How to Plan a Prom after Party – Without Getting Stressed Out

The after prom party is a huge part of any prom night.

Well listen up: It’s important not to leave it to the last minute to organize.

The night is often just getting started when the official prom function ends and we want you to make the after party as memorable as prom itself.

There is no doubt that you already have a plan for prom.

Hey you have likely already decided on the dress, the shoes, makeup. Maybe, just maybe you have even said yes to your date?

Do you have a plan for the after party?

Your prom after party can be anything that you and your friends consider fun.

The rule of thumb for a prom party is to create memories with your closest friends.

This means you should do something that you and your friends enjoy and want to participate in.

That said you can’t ignore certain considerations including your budget. If you still don’t have a prom after-party idea, here are a few to consider regardless of your budget and planning time.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

1. A big Bonfire

A bonfire is a great after-party idea if you want to sit in a calming environment with your friends and reminisce.

If your idea of a good time is hanging out with your friends in a calm and relaxing environment, a bonfire might be a good choice.

It is also cheap. You just setup a bonfire on the nearest beach or a field. It is also a great last-minute idea since it doesn’t require too much planning.

2. Host a Game Night

If calm is not your thing but you still aren’t up to for the big after-prom party, hosting a game night at home might be a good choice.

Game night can involve something as simple as a Nintendo tournament to a well-planned Blackjack tournament complete with a jackpot.

It could also be a combination of a variety of games to cater to everyone’s tastes.

A game night after party allows you to be as creative as you want to be. Be warned however, that you will not be able to host a successful game night without meticulous planning.

There are things to consider such as whether your home will be available as a venue, what games your crew might enjoy and how long you can safely host the game party.

A well planned game night can however go down in history as one of the best prom after-parties.

3. Host a Movie Marathon

This is the ultimate fun idea for an after-party if prom drained you of all your energy and you would rather just chill-out with your friends.

Collect the greatest movies of all time and host a movie marathon at home, hopefully with some ice-cream.

It is a great way to unwind and get comfortable since no one needs to dress up for a movie marathon.

It could also be a good last-minute idea but be sure to find out beforehand the genre of movies your guests will likely enjoy or the night will be a complete bust.

4. Cruise Around Town

If you are not ready to call it a night and head home, you could prolong the night by cruising around town.

Take the opportunity to turn up the music in the car, go see a movie or even just take in the town sites.

Towards the end of the night you could pull over and watch the sunrise. This is a great after party idea if your home is not available for hosting a game night or movie marathon. It also doesn’t require much planning, just a group of friends out for a great night.

5. Pool Party

A pool party gives you the opportunity to get into comfortable clothing and enjoy the night as it winds down.

A good pool party however takes considerable planning. You need a pool, good food, great music and a lot of good friends.

A well-planned pool party with all these things in place, is the ultimate prom after party.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

Whatever you decide to do, your prom after party is about being with your closest friends and the memories you create together.

Try to make your choice of a prom after party encompass all the great things that you and your friends enjoy doing together.

One final piece of advice, don’t let the planning get in the way of a good time. An after-party doesn’t have to be too elaborately planned or elegant – just have fun!

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