How to Say No to a Dance

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You’re at prom or homecoming and having a good time when all of a sudden your worst nightmare happens.

You get asked to dance with someone you have absolutely no desire to dance with.

This happens to just about every girl and for most girls, they have no idea what to do.

Some girls may be rude, some girls might just run away, and some may feel too guilty to say no.

Top tips on declining a dance request

If you truly do not want to dance with someone, here are some tips on how to gently decline:

Be Polite: Remember, asking a girl to dance at prom isn’t an easy thing. If a girl responds in a rude, condescending manner, it might crush the guy and ruin his night.

It’s best you politely respond with “no thank you” with a nice, endearing smile.

say no to a dance

Do not say “maybe later” or any other similar phrase: If you say maybe later or anything of that sort, you’re going to leave it in the guy’s head that you will dance with him later.

This is why the only way to say no to an offer to dance is to firmly, yet politely decline. Saying maybe later can lead to a very awkward experience later.

Respectfully decline but do talk to the guy later: If your perhaps too nervous to dance with a guy you like, then say no but do go talk to him later.

In many cases, once you two break the ice talking, you’ll end up feeling comfortable enough to go dance.

High school is an awkward, nervous experience for most people, so simply talking to a guy is a great way to break the awkwardness.

In the end, politely declining is the other way to say no.


If a guy is insistent or rude, then you might need to be firm with the guy that you are not going to dance with him.

Otherwise, be respectful and remember the guy asking you is a person too.
You’ll both go your separate ways and will have enjoyable nights.

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