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How to Un-Wrinkle your Prom Dress

Don’t you hate it when your prom dress gets wrinkled? No need to fear, just follow one of these processes and you prom dress will be de-wrinklefied in no time!

1: Hang up your dress in a bathroom. Turn your shower on hot, the steam from the shower will help de-wrinkle your dress, this means, the hotter your shower is, the faster the dress will become unwrinkled. Make sure you hang the gown where water won’t splash on it. It may take several minutes for the wrinkles to leave during this process.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

2: Get out your hand steamer and let the steamer heat up, make sure the steam gets very hot. It may take several minutes for the steamer to be hot enough to get the wrinkles out of dress. There are many different types of hand steamers, big and small, but both are great for this process.

3: Inside out your dress and, on the lowest heat setting possible, iron your dress. If you are a bit nervous about ironing your dress, put a cloth or towel over the fabric while you are ironing it. Make sure that your dress is safe to be ironed, it is best not to iron a dress that is highly flammable or made of taffeta.

4: Place your gown in a dryer on the setting air fluff. Make sure you turn your dress inside out before you put it in the dryer. Keep watch of your dress while it is in the dryer because it doesn’t take a whole cycle for the dress to become de-wrinkled.

5: The last way to un-wrinkle your dress, is to get a hair dryer, hang your dress somewhere so that air can pass through your dress easily then, blow dry the wrinkles out of your dress. This method, like steam, causes the wrinkles to leave your dress.

Do you have any handy tips for unwrinkling a dress?