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Should I Kiss Him After Prom or Homecoming Dance? ( Tips & Advice)

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Most guys want to kiss their date after prom.

The question is do you want to kiss him back?

A kiss is an intimate bonding between a couple.

It can be the first step towards a relationship. Once you cross that line the friendship zone is left behind.

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How do I Decide?

Maybe this night will be the right one for you and it is something you want. That is OK and remember you can still change your mind at the last minute.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to look inside your heart and go with what feels right.

Tips and Tricks if You do Want to Kiss Him

Think about the lighting and ambience – less is more. Kissing under a bright spotlight is not a good idea. Kissing with soft lighting and quiet music can help to add to the moment.

Close your eyes – there is nothing to break the moment of a romantic kiss more than one of you opening your eyes, to find the other staring right at you.

Take some breath mints preferably not right before you kiss. Try to pop a few in to freshen up your breath before the big moment gets too close.

Just a warning about Social Media, remember whatever you do could well be videoed, talked about, tweeted, posted and so on. So be very careful and keep your wits about you.

It’s a good idea not to get drunk as that can lower your inhibitions and stop you from making sensible decisions.

Advice if you Don’t Want to Kiss Him

There may be reasons that you don’t want to kiss him.

  • You don’t think you would ever want to date him
  • You don’t feel ready to kiss him yet
  • It’s too scripted and you want to happen naturally at another time

Whatever the reason you have every right not to kiss someone if you don’t want to. If you are feeling pressured, that is a sure sign this is not the right thing to be doing.

Alot of people have the policy to not kiss on any first date, even if it is on Prom night (or after Homecoming Dance).

If you feel really strongly about it, you can even warn them up front so they don’t get the wrong idea from early on.

You can always change your mind later.


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