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How To Look Good In Prom Pictures (Professional Tips)

Looking good for prom is not only an in-person matter. You want to make sure you look great in pics as well.

If you want to save yourself from years of cringe, and hours of photo editing, here are a few tips for looking your best in prom pictures:

Take care of your smile

In the vast majority of prom pictures, people will smile and look excited rather than serious/neutral. You can flash a smile with close teeth, but if you really want to show a natural great looking smile, you need to make sure your teeth look their best.

Of course, you can’t fix crooked teeth (fast) but you can whiten them so that they look more polished. If you have money to splurge, you can visit a dentist to do the whitening process for you (at least 2 weeks before the big day) or save a few hundreds by getting some white strips or whitening home kits, preferably at least a month prior to the event for best results.

Natural and effortless smiles also look their best, but many will struggle to flash their best smile as the camera focus can be quite overwhelming. There is no magic fix for this, but one good tip you could follow is to think of genuinely happy thoughts or visualize you are an A-list celeb and the paparazzi are eager to take your photo–whatever boosts your mood and makes you feel happy.

One Wedding and event photographer told us that, particularly for full length shots, an over smile can make a big difference. An over smile is that teeth showing large smile that feels fake but actually looks really good.

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Pay special attention to your make-up

Girls need to be extra careful with their make-up as it can make or break their face that comes out in the pics.

If you choose a foundation that has SPF or is a shade or two lighter than your actual skin tone, the flash of the camera will reflect the white hues of your base and you will end up looking like a ghost in pics. Therefore, it’s best to choose a foundation that is true to your skin-tone, if not half a shade darker with no SPF that has light reflecting particles.

The finish of your foundation also matters as anything too matte or too oily will make your look blunt or an oil slick.

If your skin is on the drier side, choose a moisturising foundation with a radiant finish and complete your makeup with a light layer of translucent powder.

If your face is very oily, choose a foundation with a natural matte finish and get some blotting tissue to blot your face and absorb excess oil before or during the prom day.

Guys of course don’t need any makeup, but if you have acne or very oily skin and want your face to look clear, look for foundations specially suited for males that offer seamless coverage.

Conceal your flaws with the right posture and angle

No one has a perfect 10/10 body and even models and celebs complain about their flaws.

Here is a tip from the red carpet to “trick” the camera that you are flawless: choose the right body posture at the right angle. For example, if you are skinny with no curves, break your waist, play up a bit with your prom dress, and tell the person who’s going to photograph you to shoot you from the side to give your figure a more interesting spin.

If you are a bit short and curvier, the camera should point at you from a distance a bit above your eye level. Your face features can also look better at the right angle.

If you have a prominent chin and big nose for example, it’s best to point out the camera with your chin pointing downwards at a slight angle/side.

If your facial features are thin and delicate and you want to bring more emphasis to your face, elevate your chin slightly and look straight to the camera with your eyes wide open and your lips smiling close.

Take multiple pics before prom from different cameras.

Everyone has their “good” and “bad” side when taking pics. If you aren’t sure of yours, practice before prom by taking multiple pics of your face and whole figure at various angles.

Most will grab their cell phone in this case and take selfies, but the angle and resolution is very different from actual digital or professional cameras and the result will be different.

Therefore, it’s best to take your pics from a good camera instead or at least ask someone to borrow you one.

Although these tips are designed to help you look better in prom pics, they can’t guarantee a perfect result every time.

Have a little practice in taking pics before the final day and if you take heed of the rest of these tips, you will minimize the chances of taking bad pics.

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