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Photo Booth Props for Prom Or Homecoming

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Prom is one of the most memorable nights you will ever have. One special way to keep amazing prom memories is by using photo booth props.

These can help you take photos, that look like they were taken by a pro.

Living it is the best thing – but once the night is over it is the memories that will be carried for the rest of your life.

Image: Unsplash

What are photo booth props?

Photo booth props are those little extra additions to your prom pictures that help them come alive with fun and excitement. It’s a great deal of fun taking photos with props.

Most of the props are fun little sayings, pictures, and other fun things. It could be a sign with the year of the prom, a wig or other fun sayings, pictures or words.

What kind of props are there?

You can either purchase prop kits online, or there are some printable ones that you can download for free.

The ones you purchase online normally come in a kit of signs and sticks that fit simply together. They may also include other fun props like wigs, pistols (be very careful with those) and hats.

Buying ready-made photo booth props

The best thing we have found online is the Prom – Photo Booth Props Kit from Amazon that is easy to put together and has a 20 fun props.

You do have to put these together beforehand but they come with a sticky “dot” that connects the prop to the stick. One thing you might want to do is add extra tape to these to ensure they last through the night.

Free Printable Photo Booth Props

It is pretty hard to find free props however there are some on Pinterest if you have some time to spend looking for something decent.

Photo Booth Apps

There are also a number of apps you can get that offer photo booth like effects. Some of the most popular are listed here.

Most of the free ones will put a watermark on your pictures and you have to pay for the full version to have them removed.

Final thoughts

Prom is often a once in a lifetime opportunity. So make sure you don’t cut any corners. Put the effort into making a magical night, full of memories that will last a lifetime.


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