Prom and Homecoming Check List

Prom in someways can be like getting ready for a big trip. There are many preparation tasks and things you have to do. But if you follow the list you will be ready in no time…

1. Getting a dress.

This can be one of the most time consuming processes of all if you don’t know how to do it, but just click on the link below and you will have your dress sussed in no time.
Shopping For Your Prom Dress Online

2. Book your appointments (hair, nail and salon)

Salons can become very crowded around prom season, so make sure you book your appointment early to guarantee a spot. Here’s a tip, when booking your appointment, make sure you leave yourself an hour or so to have the appointment because it can take a lot longer than you think and you don’t want to end up rushing to get to your prom.

3. Work out your plans prior to prom night.

Make sure you figure out what you are doing on the actual night, prom pictures, dinner, prom. Also make sure you have a ride all sorted out, whether it be by taxi, limo or a friend driving you.

You might like to read our article on transport to the big dance.

4. Figure out what you are going to do after prom.

Your special night doesn’t have to end at your prom, the night is still young! Try and make plans with your friends, whether it be watching a movie, sitting around a bonfire, or going out to a diner. Just do whatever you can to make the night memorable.

5. Figure out what you need to bring.

This question has lead to many unnecessary things being brought to a persons prom. The only vital things that you need to bring are your phone, wallet and keys. You can also bring lipstick, because your lipstick can fade and make sure you remember to bring your id, your prom ticket and enough money to get you through the night. Another good thing to pack for the prom is some mints, just in case you need them later.

6. Get a date.

Many girls do this, but it is only optional. Just make sure you get in quick, before they run out!!!

7. Remember to have fun.

When you go to your prom, the most important thing to do is to have fun!!! Make sure you bring your smile, humor and excitement because this night is all about you!!!


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