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Ideas for Prom Balloons (and where to buy)

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Prom is an age-old rite of passage for high school students, a magical night of dancing and music and fun, but by far one of the most memorable things about prom is the scenery, and this includes party supplies, especially balloons.

Whether you choose to fill them with helium so they float or place them in piles to drift around the dance floor, prom balloons come in a huge variety of colors, styles and shapes, including star-shaped balloons, balloons made of metallic foil material and even LED-infused light up balloons!

There’s more options today than ever, and some of these balloons are even reusable, whereas others are multi-purpose and can be used for other occasions such as birthdays, holidays and corporate events, as well as proms and dances.

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Where can you buy prom balloons, though?

How do you know which stores carry the supplies right for you, especially if you’re shopping on a fixed budget?

The good news is that the internet has made browsing and ordering party supplies easier and cheaper.

Numerous online web vendors carry [easyazon_link identifier=”B01JVVVD7M” locale=”US” tag=”promsie0d-20″]prom balloons[/easyazon_link], including larger vendors on websites like, and web stores like, which cater specifically to people looking to buy prom supplies.

Many of these online stores are American, but there are also quite a few international stores that sell [easyazon_link identifier=”B017R22JJS” locale=”US” tag=”promsie0d-20″]balloons[/easyazon_link], including Canada’s Party City Stores and the United Kingdom’s, which sells a huge variety of balloons for different seasons and events.

How much do prom balloons cost?

Balloons range in price, and while some come as singular items, many stores offer boxed lots of balloons for people who need them for parties, dances and other large occasions.

Local party shops in your area are always a good place to look too, but you may not get the same choices or styles that are available online.

One of the great things about using balloons for your prom decorating is that they’re affordable, lightweight, easy to clean up and best of all, there are many different fun things that can be done with them.

Creative things to do with the balloons

If your prom is having a school photo shoot available, you can build a frame of balloons around a shaped wire or wooden stand for students to pose under.

Many schools create a simple shape out of balloons, such as a star or a heart for example, and the balloons they use are usually in a pattern scheme like the school’s official colors.

This is a lovely and inexpensive way to give everyone some great scenery for prom photography.

Another thing that you can do is to fill a very large foil balloon up with rainbow confetti glitter (also available at party stores) to hang over the stage, so that when the prom king and queen are crowned, it can be popped to send a colorful display all through the room, setting the perfect mood for celebration.

For another decorative touch, tie balloons to the backs of chairs, to basketball nets, to support beams, to anything in the room that looks like it could use something special for the night. Keep in mind though that balloons are flammable. Don’t hang them near candles and keep them at a safe distance (about 5 ft. minimum) from lighting fixtures.

Don’t tie them to electric fans either, because they can be popped by the moving blades or caught in the fan itself, which will break it. Always follow any safety precautions that come with the packaging of your balloons.

Of course, prom balloons aren’t just limited to the prom itself. Many schools also have an after-prom party, which can include dinner, vintage Polaroid photo booths, school memory picture slideshows and tote bag giveaways to finalize the special evening.

New balloons that haven’t yet been blown up can be a fun little gift to give each student, and a good piece of school spirit memorabilia if they come in your school’s official colors. Balloons are also excellent decorations for photo booths and a cheap but beautiful way to set the scene for a student dinner.

If you’re holding an after-prom dinner at a rented venue, for example a restaurant, check with the owners to get permission before bringing balloons in.

Students can tie them to their wrists, use them to mark which table is theirs, anything they want to make their prom experience more fun and unique.

Final thoughts on prom balloons

Whereas prom used to be pretty much limited to just high-schoolers, today many other educational institutions, from junior high schools to police academies to universities, are celebrating their achievements with their own proms and formal dances.

If you’re planning a prom at a more mature school, you can put your creative skills to work and do everything from writing funny one-liner jokes on balloons around the room to tying gift cards to the strings of each balloon as a present for each attendee.

Get everyone to pitch in with funny, imaginative ideas of their own so you can have a prom like no other!

Prom Night is a huge milestone for many students, something to look back on with fond nostalgia later on in life, and as simple as they may be, balloons set the mood to make a wonderful, enchanting and exciting time that you’ll never forget.


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