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Printable Prom Checklist – A Girl’s Guide to a Perfect Prom

Creating a prom checklist ahead of time is definitely a must if you want the special day to be perfect.

The fact is that events like these bring out the anxiety in people and when you are anxious, you tend to become nervous.

Preparing what you want weeks or even a whole month ahead of time ensures that you do not forget a single thing.

This way, all you have to do is sit back and allow yourself to be pampered, knowing that everything will fall into place.

That being said, here is a complete prom checklist to ensure this special day goes perfect from sun up to sun down.

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Complete Prom Checklist

The Look You Want

Think about the kind of look you want to pull off for prom.

Do you want an edgy look, a classic design, or something in between?

Check the Internet and look at the prom pictures available and see if there is something that is close to what you like.

An actual image of how you envision yourself is usually best because this way, you are able to show it to your parents or the dressmaker so that they would have a good idea of what you want.

You can also talk it out with your mom or friends, swapping ideas and getting accessories that resemble the originals as closely as possible.

Perfect Prom Dress

Once you’ve got an idea of the complete design you want, it is time to hunt that perfect prom dress.

Make sure you purchase your dress weeks in advance; it’s not only cheaper, but if you can get in before all the other girls start hunting you will have a better range of options.

Having one made especially for you is also a good idea since you will be able to customize as much as you want, plus the fit would be perfect.

Underwear Matters

For most prom dresses, the underwear won’t matter too much, but that doesn’t mean you should wear just anything.

Wearing the right underwear helps boost your confidence when you are finally wearing that beautiful dress.

Look for underwear that flatters your body -find something that boosts your figure while keeping you comfortable.

Shoes and Accessories

Of course, don’t forget the shoes and accessories. Again, take a good look at your ideal prom look online.

What shoes is your favorite model wearing? What about the accessories such as necklace, clutch, bracelet, and earrings?

Remember that you don’t have to wear the full ensemble – wear jewelry in the places you want noticed. For example, a low neckline begs for a necklace while a chignon begs for drop earrings.

Purse Check

Your purse or clutch should contain everything you need while at the prom. Items for touch-up like mascara, lipstick and powder are essential.

A mobile phone and some money are also a must.


Speaking of hairstyle, make sure you choose something that flatters you perfectly.

Talk to your hairdresser about this weeks in advance since your preferred hairstyle may not always be a good choice.

Design usually depends on your facial shape which is why you will need the professional eye of a hairstylist.

Makeup Artist

Of course you must not forget the makeup artist. It’s best to experiment on the look you want before the actual day.

If you are good with makeup, then you can do this yourself, but choosing a professional is definitely a better choice if you want perfection.

Boutonniere / Corsage

Girls often give their guys dates a boutonniere during the prom while the guy gives a corsage to the special lady of the night.

Unfortunately, not all guys remember this so make sure you have got an extra corsage lying around.

Spa, Relaxation and Other Beauty Appointments

All of these should be done in the day time, hours before the actual prom.

This could involve pedicure, manicure, foot spa, a massage, eyebrow styling, and even teeth cleaning if you are so inclined.


It is usually the guy’s role to arrange transportation and such, but it’s best to talk this out with your date beforehand.

What time will he be arriving and what will be your transportation to and from the prom?

Arrange the Timetable

Don’t forget to arrange a timetable for the actual day. For example, what should you do first?

It is best to pick up the dress in the morning along with all the other accessories you will be wearing.

Check in the spa around noon and proceed to all the preparations during the afternoon.

By the time the prom starts, everything should be perfect!

Remember you are wearing a phenomenal dress so transport must be clean.

Make sure you are also prepared for the after prom party – you might want to take a pair of flat shoes if there is much walking involved.

Don’t forget to discuss all the preparations with your friends, and your parents so that nothing is forgotten.

Did we forget anything? If we did leave us a comment and we will add it to the checklist!

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