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9 Prom Dos and Don’ts that Might Surprise You

Prom night is a fun occasion for everyone.

To help you live it up on the big night here are some Do’s and Don’ts.


Prepare in advance

Although the actual event lasts only a few hours, there are months of preparation behind it. Every smart girl and guy prepares for prom at least one month in advance. That includes finding the right dress and outfit, shoes, accessories and arrange to get your make-up, nails, or hair done (in case you aren’t going to do them yourself).

It’s not wise to leave these things on the last minute as that will stress you out. If you get stressed you might end up settling something that wasn’t exactly what you were looking for.

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Wear a comfortable dress and shoes

Girls especially, have the tendency to go for dresses and shoes that look glam and stylish but are not comfortable when they move around. That is a big mistake as you’ll be moving and dancing most of your time during prom.

Don’t fall into the trap of ending up feeling uncomfortable, or even worst, suffering a cringy wardrobe malfunction.

Don’t worry you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort–if you search enough in advance there are outfits and shoes that are both glam and comfortable at the same time.

Keep a bag for touch-ups and emergencies

Mishaps on prom night can happen any given moment. Your outfit might get a drink spilled on it, your makeup may melt and make you look clownish – or you may suddenly hit the floor.

Since girls are most likely to suffer from these mishaps, it’s best to have in your bag some touch-up and emergency stuff like make-up, band-aids, tissues just in case.

It’s a lot tougher for guys as they don’t normally take a carry bag in. This is where you need an understanding date that will let you share a small section of her clutch for a few essentials like a small deodorant.

Take good pictures

Nothing brings back prom night memories fonder than great pictures. While it will be kinda inappropriate to take crazy selfies all the time, make an effort to capture your greatest moments before, during, and after the prom night.

Ask a friend or your date for help, they will offer another perspective when it comes to picking your best pics.

Smile and greet everyone

Prom night is totally fun and it doesn’t take much to put you in a great mood.

Whenever you flash a genuine smile at the people around you, it shows others that you are having a great time and this kind of attitude is really infectious.


Isolate yourself from others

Prom is all about having fun and engaging with fellow students.

This is not the time to sit back isolated from the rest watching from a distance. Sure, you are going to take breaks but remember, you are not letting yourself enjoy the night.

If you stay isolated it sends the wrong message.

Avoid dancing

You may feel awkward or fear that your dance moves will cause others to laugh at you. Yes this is possible but keep in mind that you don’t have to be a pro to pull off some great dance moves.

Most other students don’t know how to dance much either so don’t overthink it. Just let yourself go.

Be rude to your date

Sometimes a small rude comment or action is enough to ruin the mood of your date and make you look like an a$$hole.

Guys especially need to pay a bit of attention to the words and comments they make as girls have dedicated much of their time, money, and effort to look great.

Even if you don’t like something, it’s best to avoid saying anything unless it’s going to help your date fix it e.g if they have spilled a drink on their dress or they have food in their teeth.

Even in such case, be polite and don’t say it out loud so everyone else will hear.

Drink too much or engage in inappropriate behavior

Yes, having a great time should be your utmost priority, but that doesn’t mean you should engage in inappropriate behavior.

This includes smoking and drinking excessively or making a fool of yourself–chances are, others will notice and you will regret it later.

Especially if someone takes a picture of your inappropriate moments and shares it online.

Final Thoughts

This is your big night. You are only young once so cherish every moment of it.

Make sure you get the planning out of the way long before prom arrives. You want to be able to relax on the night.

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