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Prom Dress Code – Should You Be Worried?

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Mireya Briceno was kicked out of prom and suspended for violating her schools prom dress code. Her crime – wearing a dress that revealed a little bit too much around the stomach area.

Hollywood has had an impact on the way we dress and prom night has not been left behind in this scramble to look more “Hollywood”.

It is perfectly Ok to emulate your favorite Hollywood star but how far can you take it?

Plunging necklines and backless crop tops may be perfect for Hollywood stars and their red carpet events but are they suitable for prom?

Many schools seem to think not as they crack down on these outrageous styles.

Some religious schools even go as far as having strict rules on what the prom dress code should be.

They expect every student going to the prom to adhere to the rules.

While this may be a little extreme from the student’s point of view, it is not uncommon to find schools banning some of the more outrageous designs that most of you find alluring.

Here is Mireya’s dress – doesn’t look that outrageous does it?

the dress
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Why the strict dress code

To most young people being told what you can and can’t wear on prom night is not something they look forward to.

Therefore, there is often a lot of conflict between the school administration and students in regards to the code of conduct or the dress code on prom night.

It may be important therefore, to understand where the school is coming from when they decide to outlaw the plunging necklines and slits up to the navel.

School officials who were interviewed say that they felt the rules are there to prevent confusion and make sure that all students are fairly admitted to prom.

They also say that the move to ban some of these outrageous styles of dressing is meant to bring to the forefront the main aim of prom.

It is meant to encourage the refinement, elegance and grace that are traditionally synonymous with prom.

School officials and etiquette experts agree that in order to maintain the core values of prom night every girl should try to be comfortable in her own skin and go with what works for her.

Do not try to emulate a celebrity’s dress code unless you can have the design altered to fit your frame and look decent in the process.

Dress codes have long been a bone of contention

Regardless of the reasons, the dress codes imposed by the school will no doubt cause a few problems for the students as well as their parents.

It is however not the best idea to ignore the dress code set by the school since this action may get you locked out of prom (you surely don’t want that).

In most cases the dress codes are not too outrageous because most schools understand that you want to look your best on prom night.

The general rule of thumb is to understand clearly what guidelines the school will have in regards to what you can and can’t wear on prom night.

This will prevent you from buying a dress with the wrong specifications and possibly being refused entrance to your prom.

It is also not uncommon to find that some students will feel that these dress codes limit their self-expression and that sometimes they can also target girls unfairly.

This depends with the school but most schools will not go as far as to tell you what you shouldn’t wear down to style and color specifics.

If you are however, unfortunate to be in a school where this happens, try to embrace the school’s dress code and be creative. If the school limits the dress code to formal, you can still come up with great formal dresses that should compliment your figure and make you look great.

Should you worry about prom dress code?

For the most part, the answer is no. They are not all that restrictive and your school’s administration is not trying to limit your sense of style when they impose some of these dress codes.

It is very rare to find a school that will impose restrictions that are overly limiting.

For the most part though, you can work within the set guidelines to come up with a prom dress that is
complimentary of your figure without being over the top.

Prom is about you enjoying yourself. So, don’t let school restrictions keep you from having the time of your life.

Find a way around them.

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