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Help! My Prom Dress Doesn’t Fit – Even Though I Bought The Right Size

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Your Prom dress is no doubt the most important aspect of Prom. You want it to be perfect in every way.

It has to be the right color, and it has to be the right size.

It is however not an uncommon occurrence to sometimes choose the wrong size.

This can happen with just about any dress, although it is more of a nightmare when you realize your prom dress doesn’t fit just days to the prom.

It is completely normal to feel uneasy about altering your prom dress especially when it is so close to the big day.

However, sometimes, these alterations are unavoidable especially if you purchase the wrong size and fit.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it is entirely possible to buy the right size dress that is the wrong fit.

This can happen, particularly if you are taller than the average teenage girl since most prom dresses even the ones marked “plus size” are made for girls under 5’ 9”.

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Some common alterations for a prom dress that doesn’t fit

Before we get to the most common alterations you may have to do to make your perfect dress even more perfect, it is important to note that you should let a professional handle any alterations to be made.

Unless you are a seamstress, you may make the wrong decision on what should be done and end up making a mess of your prom dress.

The most common form of alteration to be made for most dresses, not just a prom dress is in the fit.

Depending on how it fits, your prom dress may need to be taken in or may need the seams let out or garments added.

It is much easier to have a dress taken in than it is to let the seams out as there may not be enough garment to let out the seams for a much smaller dress.

Therefore, it is a very bad idea to buy a dress that is too small; it may be very hard to alter it.

Another common problem that can lead to alterations of a prom dress is the dress’ length.

Most prom dresses are made for shorter women, usually those under 5’9”.

If you are taller than 5’9” you may need to have the hem let out or you may want to have fabric added onto the dress to make it more appropriate for your height.

To avoid alterations, buy the right one

Of course it is too late now, but next time you buy a dress you may want to minimize the intensity and number of alterations you make by buying the right one for you.

If you are going to be buying the dress online, make sure that you measure yourself accurately.

Prom dresses purchased online usually need more alterations than others.

Since buying online is a route you are likely to take when buying the perfect dress, you will want to have the right measurements before placing your order.

It is actually better if you have someone else do your measurements, this way they will be more accurate.

It is also better to measure “too big” than “too small”. This way, if the dress has to be altered, it will be easier to take the garment in than it will be to add fabric to it.

Most importantly, do not under any circumstances buy a dress in a size that you are hope to be for prom night. This move never works and may even make it very hard of the dress to be altered if it turns out to be too small.

Tips for the perfect fit

You need as much as help as you can to find and alter (when necessary) the perfect prom dress. The following tips should help.

  1. When measuring yourself to buy a prom dress, allow for at least 1” to 5” just in case it has to be altered.
  2. If you want a high/low hem line, you can use extra fabric to make a false hem at the back.
  3. If you are a tall girl, wear flat shoes to an alterations fitting, it will allow the tailor to get a clear idea of what your right fit is without the illusion of height that heels can bring.
  4. There are some prom dress makers who will sell extra fabric for alterations. If you can, buy from them; it will make altering the dress that much easier

Have you had to make alterations to your dress this year?

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