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Top 7 Prom Dress Fails – Don’t Make the Same Mistake

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If there’s one thing that really defines prom night, it’s the unique sense of style that everybody chooses in their attire.

Prom can be a fun way to get creative, don your favorite colors and get a look that really stands out timelessly.

Is this for better though, or for worse?

With the ever-rising costs of prom dresses, some ranging in price from over a thousand dollars and up, people have been more inspired now than ever to go cheap online or make their own dress.

This can look really beautiful and amazing – but for some, it can backfire on them like they never expected. Here are a few prom dress fails to avoid when you do your own prom shopping.

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  1. New York, New Yuck
    This girl looks like she tried to go for the iconic look of New York’s Statue of Liberty but went way too far. Maybe it’s the transparency of the front, the bizarre angle of the skirt, or maybe it’s the giant green foil spikes sticking out from all around the collar.

    Either way, this dress is a great example of the “less is more” rule for fashion. Having giant pieces sticking out of the dress like a Halloween costume is not only a big thing to stay away from, but more importantly it makes it really difficult to dance with anybody when large add-ons are attached to your clothes.

  2. Painted Rainbow
    It’s funny how shopping online can be such a hit or miss in terms of prom dresses. This one was purchased as a long flowing white gown complete with an elegant rainbow splash along the bottom hem. Unfortunately it not only came to the mailbox wrinkled, but it arrived shorter, the bottom hem looking rough as if crudely cut with safety scissors, and the rainbow splash looks more like a coloring book exploded than anything else.

    This disappointed customer had good reason to be upset – it was also low-cut up top in a really embarrassing way.

    What do you think? Do you think this dress is a lost cause, or do you think it could be saved with the right sewing alterations?

  3. Winnie the Pooh Prom
    Not just a dress but also a tuxedo ensemble, this outfit is for the Disney obsessive in all of us.

    From a distance it looks normal, but look again and you’ll see the face of children’s TV franchise character Winnie the Pooh, a big yellow bear with a serious honey addiction, peeking out at you from the skirt of this dress or the vest of the tux.

    If you’re a hardcore Pooh fan it might just be what you’re looking for, but others online find it a big prom dress fail. Do you agree, or do you think the Pooh dress is still a great outfit for prom night? Would you consider it ugly and childish, or simply another way of expressing yourself and what you love?

  4. Northern Exposure
    With sparkling silver rhinestones and a flowing white skirt making up this next dress in its online preview picture, it was supposed to offer a timeless, classic and simple look that would be modest but unique.

    Of course, the customer who ordered this dress was anything but pleased as evident from her sour face. Her new dress when it arrived in the mail was completely transparent at the top (aside from two small white circles of fabric), making for a humiliating image indeed.

    The skirt was also frumpy-looking and not sewn on with a straight seam. Do you think there’s still hope for this dismal dress? Maybe with a tank top or white camisole underneath it would look better. Nevertheless, it’s definitely an inconvenience in the eyes of its new owner.

  5. Dalmatian Chaos
    This one may be one of the weirdest prom dress fails, but to its credit there’s something oddly endearing about this strange spotted look. Sold online as a new prom trend, these white dresses with black spots from head to toe were quickly labeled as ugly and bizarre.

    Looking like the spots were painted directly onto the fabric and completed with a bold choice between a red or yellow ribbon to go along with it, it’s almost like an abandoned art class canvas, not a dress. Do you think the dalmatian spot style is too weird for its own good, or do you think it looks good?

  6. Furry Friends
    Made of gray wool-like fabric and completely adorned with stuffed sock monkey heads, this prom dress takes a passion for stuffed toys to the extreme.

    The enormous bright red bow up top makes this one stand out all the more, and not in a good way. In all fairness this dress is certainly unique, but prom night often takes place in late May to early June, so wearing wool fabric in a hot, humid environment will inevitably lead to an uncomfortable situation.

    Even stranger is that the monkey heads each have a bright red nose attached, making them all look like clown heads. Has this outfit gone too far, or is it just an innovative way to stand out in the crowd?

  7. Dream Dress Turned Nightmare
    This dress, as featured online, was supposed to be the type so beautiful that you’d only see one on a Disney Princess.

    With its flowing skirt of vivid cool blue and purple hues, glitter sequins and the perfect balance of contrast and color, it’s the type of dress that anybody would want – except that when it arrived, it was gray and faded like something straight from a little old lady’s closet.

    To top it all off the skirt was crushed and baggy, drooping with turquoise and lavender fabric that hadn’t been sewn on

    Another great reminder to be a careful consumer when shopping for prom attire! Can you imagine dancing in a dress that dragged past your feet like this, either? If not a fashion fail, it’s definitely a trip-and-fall hazard on the dance floor!

Which of these prom dress fails do you think is the first of the worst?

When you plan for your prom, remember that what matters most is that you have fun and enjoy yourself, not how you look.

Express yourself, but avoid fashion choices that might be inconvenient or embarrassing later on.

As a rule of thumb ask yourself, “will this be the dress I want to show to my children or friends ten years from now?”

When shopping online, always read the product reviews to avoid purchasing a dress that isn’t the same in person as it looks in pixels.

Key takeaway: What’s featured as a product photo online may not be the real deal.


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