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Are Prom Dresses Supposed to be Long or Short?

High school is a lot more than vexing about the next science test. It is also about making nostalgic memories with friends, and there is no better way to do it than at prom.

It is one of the best moments in a girl’s life and it all begins with getting a superb dress. But are prom dresses supposed to be long or short? Should you put on something long or short?

Every girl struggles with this question at some point and usually welcomes some guidance.

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Long Dresses

The traditional prom dress is long and flowing, and there is absolutely nothing wrong that.

There are thousands of good long dresses out there to suit every style and body type, some of the common types being mermaid and ball gown, wherein the latter is ideal for accentuating hips and waist and former is perfect for a girl who wishes to hide her extra pounds.

Additionally because long dresses have good a reputation at formal events, it will be great if you wore one to a prom that is being held at fancy venue.They are also more feminine and elegant and do not appear casual or cheap even if they are.

Generally long dresses are a safe choice for prom. However because of their length they make short girls look sluggish and non-charming. If a wearer is not tall enough, it will outshine her.

Short Dresses

That said, sometimes length might be a problem ,especially when the venue of the prom is a gym or a college ground wherein you will typically be at a risk of tripping over your precious gown and in the worst case scenario, causing it to tear.

Hey, you do not have to go through all these; it is okay to wear a short dress to prom! Sometime back it was awkward for a lady to wear a short dress to prom but today it is perfectly okay as long as you are comfortable in it and it is in line with the dress code of the event.

In addition to freedom to move and dance short dresses will also make you look taller. They reveal more and that combined with some elegant high heels, they can make you look like you grew some inches overnight.

Another advantage of wearing a short dress to prom is that they are naturally versatile and people won’t easily tell if you wear it to another occasion.

So if you would like to accrue some of these advantages at the event, put on that short dress you fancy, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Bottom line

Every lady who attends prom deserves a nice and beautiful dress. It does not matter whether it is frilly or clingy or short or long, what is important is that it should be memorable for both the lady that is wearing it and those who see her in it.

At some point prom dresses were mainly associated with floor length dresses. But fashions and times have changed and it has become more popular for ladies to wear short dresses to prom.

Today both short and long dresses are usually heavily represented at Prom.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep the venue in mind too. If the prom will be held at a less formal place like a school gym, then consider a short dress which tends to be less formal. Additionally, be aware of school dress codes!

Some schools do not allow people to come in wearing very short dresses. Ultimately, it is all about you.

So regardless of the length that you choose, just make sure that the outfit reflects your style and taste and makes you feel great all night long.

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