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Prom Makeup 101- Putting your Best Face Forward

Make-up is a very big part of prom.

It is the night you want to put your best face forward and look your best.

Therefore, it is very likely that you will want to wear make-up and do it right.

You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t wear too much make up.

This is very true; with make up less is always the way to go. But there are also very many different trends to choose from and if you are confused about which one will look best, the following guide should help.

Choose to highlight your eyes or your mouth but never both

One of the most common mistakes that you can make and many people make is to try and highlight their lips and eyes.

If you want your make up to look tasteful you will pick one of the two and downplay the other.

If you are slightly confused about which one to pick, the choice is very easy; pick the one you are complimented on the most.

If people tell you that you have nice eyes, they are probably the best feature on your face and you want to apply makeup that will highlight your eyes.

If you choose your lips, bright bold colors such as a red are a good choice for prom.

Whatever color you choose just be sure to pick an evening shade. With your eyes, you should go all out.

You can wear shadow, liner, mascara and even fake lashes but only if you know how to keep them looking natural.

The Smoky eye is a very good look for prom. Just be sure to get a professional to do it or if you will be doing it yourself, ensure you know how to.

Make it look like you are not wearing any make-up

You want to look natural even though you are wearing make-up.

The secret to making it look like you are hardly wearing any make-up is to keep your skin flawless.

Achieving a flawless face is very easy, you do it using foundation.

Foundation is a girl’s bet friend when it comes to the perfect makeup.

If you have acne and uneven skin tone, foundation and concealer can cover these flaws up to give you a perfect skin tone.

There are rules to using foundation and concealer though. For starters ensure that you buy a foundation that suits your skin tone.

You should avoid buying foundation and concealer from the local drug store.

Instead, try department stores that allow you to test the foundation before purchasing.

Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial

Drugstore Prom Makeup Tutorial

Copy a celebrity’s look

If you have tried everything and you still don’t think you have your makeup down, try mimicking your favorite celebrity’s look.

This is a good route to take especially if you will be procuring the services of a professional make-up artist.

In fact, if you think you are not going to do a good job by yourself, it is a good idea to seek the services of professional make-up artist.

With a professional make-up artist you can choose a look form your favorite celebrity and they will be able to easily replicate the look.

You can use a magazine to select a look you want for prom and have your make-up artist do it for you.

Touching up your make-up on the night

Once you have the perfect look, you are now ready to go to prom.

However, your make up will need touch ups throughout the night to avoid looking funky.

This is why your purse should have blotting papers and face powder.

These two are the most important things you can bring to prom.

Of course you should also have the regular lipstick or lip-gloss.

It may also not be a bad idea to carry a small can of hairspray; you don’t want your hair getting out of control.

Keeping make-up to the minimum is the best way to make sure you look natural and very good.

It is still a good idea to take care of your skin well. This way your make up application will be flawless.

In the weeks running up to prom night, treat and cleanse your skin to get rid of acne causing bacteria.

This is the only way to make sure that your Made-up face will look beautiful, no matter what look you go for.

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