Meeting the Parents for the First Time – How not to screw it up

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Meeting the parents is a very important part of the prom night and it is traditional for the guy to pick the girl up at home on prom night.

Most guys however dread this part and wish they could just meet the girl at the door and be off.

It is important to not only meet your date’s parents on prom night but to also impress them.

Your date’s parents may seem intimidating but they are a significant part of your prom experience.

They trust you with their little girl

When they allow you to take their daughter to prom, the parents essentially trust you with their little girl.

Stop and think about it; their little girl is the most precious thing they own and they are trusting that you will get her to prom safely and back home before curfew.

If you impress them enough they may allow you to take her to the after prom.

But there are a few things you have to do right in order to impress your prom date’s parents.

Here’s how to impress your date’s parents.

Be respectful

Treat them the way you would want someone to act around your own parents.

Don’t speak unless spoken too and try not to be too confident.

It is also important to keep your speech respectful.

When you’re hanging out with your boys, you can curse and be as loud as you want to, but regardless of the topic of conversation, try to keep your speech respectful and normal.

Let the parents see that they trust the well-being of their little girl to a sane, put-together individual.

Dress well

It goes without saying, since this is prom night and you’re obviously going to be dressed well.

It is however important to make sure that all your clothing is set right.

For example, if you are going to wear a tie, make sure that it is tied correctly and not hanging on your neck.

Dressing well makes you look presentable and trustworthy and the most important thing you want to do is win your date’s parents trust.

Embrace your inner gentleman

Bring flowers for your date’s mother.

This simple gesture could earn you major points in the trust department.

Mothers are often easier to win over and may even make the grilling session you are likely to face easier.

Be sure to also turn on the charm and compliment her mother.

Just make sure that the compliments are not fake but genuine and from the heart.

If it is your first date with the girl, you may be subjected to an extended grilling period before her parents; especially because her dad will want to trust you enough before he lets his little girl get taken to prom.

Be on time

Above all, it is very important that you are on time to pick her up.

Unless there is some kind of emergency, tardiness is an inexcusable offence if you want to impress her parents.

Being late is a clear indication that you don’t really take her very seriously and that you don’t respect her or her parents enough to show-up on time.

Showing up on time will depend on how well you prepare for prom night.

If you don’t get everything you need on time and are running around trying to get everything at the last minute, chances are you will be late.

Make sure that everything needed for prom night is acquired a few days to the big night.

This way all you’ll need to do for prom night is get dressed and pick up your date.

Answer their questions honestly

If you are taking out their daughter for the first time, there will be some grilling involved before the parents trust you enough to let you leave with their girl.

This is the part that most guys find intimidating, when it actually doesn’t have to be.

Again, just be respectful, even when some of their questions hit a little too close to home.

It is important that you answer every question in a timely and respectful manner.

It is also important to show them that you care about their rules.

You can do this by asking about the curfew time and assuring them that their daughter will be home on time.

Of course if she is your girlfriend, you will have already gone through this before.

Most of all make a good first impression and you will be on the right track.

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