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Great Ideas for Prom Outfits for Guys 2019

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Choosing the right prom outfit if you are a guy can be a challenge.

Most shops and sites that offer prom clothing are catered to girls.

While your choices are limited, there are some outfit options that are always safe and stylish–and most importantly, prom-appropriate.

As a general rule, you want to go for something semi-formal or formal e.g a tuxedo.

But make sure that it still suits your age. Not something so uptight and formal that that only your father or grandpa would wear.

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The colors and choice of accessories will depend on your prom theme (if they have set one) or what suits you best–don’t always try to match your outfit to what your friends will be wearing.

You may decide to match your outfit to the dress that your date is wearing.

Ask her beforehand what she’ll be wearing–you don’t need of course to wear the same color as her, but you can dress in something complementary e.g if she’ll be wearing a white dress, you can wear a black suit.

Prom outfit ideas for guys

There are a few prom outfits for guys are classic and have been worn for decades regardless of themes or current fashion trends.

The most popular ones are:

  • A black and white tuxedo with a black tie. This groom and waiter-style outfit will probably never go out of fashion.

    The basic components of this outfit are: a black jacket, a white shirt, black pants, a black bow tie and leather shoes.

    You can optionally wear a sleeveless vest for more dimension or a striped black and white shirt instead of a plain white one.

    A classic choice that will stay in your wardrobe for future formal uses for the years to come.

  • A colored suit with no tie. This semi-formal option has been quite a trend over the last few years as it’s a modern alternative to white and black tuxedo.

    Here you’ll wear pants and a jacket in the same color or pattern and a solid colored shirt inside with no tie for a more semi-formal touch.

    The most popular colors to wear are navy blue, nude brown, grey, and white (if you are going to wear a white suit make sure that the shirt inside is a darker contrasting color as an all-white look may look too bright or unflattering on you).

Other Less Classic Options

If you are extra bold, you can stay away from these classic colors and wear something crazier like for example a bright red or teal.

However, make sure that the rest of your outfit is balanced as too many colors and patterns will simply make you look like a clown.

  • A two-toned suit look. Another variation of the above prom outfits which is quite popular and modern is a two-toned suit look.

    This look refers to wearing a different color of pants with a different yet complementary color or jacket and usually a white or black shirt underneath.

    Some good color and outfit combos that go well with each other are:

  • Navy blue jacket and nude brown pants with a white shirt, bow tie, or brown suede shoes. A variation of this would be wearing the navy blue jacket with dark red pants instead of nude brown.
  • Black suit jacket with dark red pants and a black or white shirt with no tie and black leather shoes.
    Dark purple suit jacket, black shirt, black pants and black leather shoes.
  • And of course a black and white look with a black jacket, white pants, white or black jacket, and black leather shoes with a tie.

If you aren’t sure if the two colors you’ve chosen match each other, ask the opinion of a female like your sister or a female friend as females are great at picking colors that match.

Best shoes for prom if you are a guy

The choice of your shoes depends on the color of your outfit but as a general rule, it’s best to go for classic choices that match any color of outfit like for example black, navy blue, grey, white, or brown/beige.

The material has to be good and look formal–obviously, wearing your old dirty trainers to go to prom isn’t a good idea unless there is a theme to go like that.

Black leather shoes are probably the No1 and most classic choice to wear as they match all outfits.

However, if you want something different and more modern yet still formal, you can wear suede shoes or oxford shoes, which have been in fashion since 2015.

No need to spend much on shoes to look good. It’s best to look for footwear that is made out of comfortable materials that will let you easily move and dance.

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