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Prom Shoes for Guys (What Matches and what Doesn’t)

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If you don’t already have a pair of classy looking shoes then you will need to buy some for Prom.

The things to keep in mind are color, comfort and style.

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Choosing the Right Color

There are a few general recommendations around which colors are a good match, and what you should avoid.

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With a navy blue tuxedo the following colors are recommended:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Oxblood/burgundy

For a black tux, black shoes are the best option. Brown should generally be avoided although if you are careful with the shade of brown that you choose it can be pulled off.

Lighter grey suits are very flexible and like navy blue, you can use all three of these colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Oxblood/burgundy

For the darker more charcoal colored tuxedos black shoes will look the best and you should avoid brown shoes.

For a brown tuxedo the best match is brown shoes. You should avoid black but Oxblood/burgundy can sometimes look pretty sharp as well.

Comfort Considerations

It is a good idea to wear in your shoes before the big night. Otherwise, you might end up hurting your feet as you will likely be doing a lot of dancing.

If you need something with arch support the best idea is to get some kind of insert for your shoe.

The Classic Look

Most guys go for classic black shoes like the Joe – Black Full Grain from Jack Erwin:

Joe – Black Full Grain

There is a thing to be said for simplicity, of which the Joe possess in spades. Here, the focus lands squarely on beautiful lines and cap-toe details well-suited for every occasion. Less most certainly can be more.

Modern Look (Without laces)

Laces are fast becoming a thing of the past. Laceless shoes portray a very modern look for example the Abe Penny Loafer:

Abe – Black Full Grain

Quiet, conservative, very much in control. There’s no room for nonsense with the Abe, whose straightforward design adds the right amount of seriousness to every outfit. A fashionable grounding, if you will.

The Bold Look

If you are looking to stand out a bit more you can go with a bold style of shoe. How about the Hubert Long-Wing Blucher? (also available in black and cognac):

Hubert – Chocolate Full Grain

For the man who has it all–and wouldn’t mind a little more. With a brogued overlay and traditional long-wing details, the Hubert straddles the line between present and past.

Final thoughts on guys shoes

It is better to spend a bit more on a quality pair of shoes vs trying to take the cheap option. A good pair of mens shoes, that are seldom worn, will last for many years.

Make sure you understand the basic color principles that we have outlined at the beginning of the article as we don’t want you feeling awkard on your special night.

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