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Prom Trends 2020 – Red Carpet Glamour Without Excess

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2020 brings prom trends that combine red carpet glamour, classic elegant lines, and luxury.

Here is a sneak look at the upcoming trends for this year:

For girls:

A latest peek at the 2020 prom dress collection of major prom dress brands like Sherri Hill, Jovani, and Mori Lee has revealed:

  • Elegant and impressive two-piece dresses (skirt and top worn separately)
  • Dresses with all over lace details
  • Red carpet/celebrity inspired gowns
  • Solid colors in shades of cobalt blue, red, and gold, and cool-toned florals that play among the shades of blue and black

Vintage styled gowns with a touch of modern elegance are also expected to be “in” the upcoming year.

The only styles which will look a bit out-dated in 2020 will be dresses in pastel looking shades like baby blue and pink as well as dresses with too many colors and abstract patterns.

Loose hair and half-updos

Over the last few years, many girls have embraced fancy updos and buns but times are changing. Prom hairstyle fashion will be all about loose, sexy, and shiny hair that looks bouncy with just the right amount of volume.

Even if you have short hair, there is no need to worry about trying to make a fancy bun or something similar–just a simple blow dry with a bit of volume in the crown and your front hair waved to the sides will do.

And the best part is, you can do your hair all by yourself or with the help of a friend since you aren’t doing anything fancy and complex.

Image: Flickr

Glitter eye makeup in earthy shades and bold two-toned lips

The make-up trend of the 80s with both bold lips and eyes is expected to come back this year, as it looks from various fashion shows and premium make-up artist’s updates.

Thick-lined eyeliner and excessive contouring which was in fashion in 2013-2016 won’t be so much of a trend in 2020.

So if you are going to follow the 80s glitter eyes and bold lips trend for your prom make-up, make sure you do it right and don’t apply too much highlighter and contouring shades in the rest of your face or you’ll look like a clown.

Full false lashes will also look excessive in glitter eyes so opt for a volume enhancing mascara and some individual lashes applied in the corners of your eyes instead.

Short to medium heels and pumps

Forget about 8-inch heels in sparkly designs which have been in fashion for years–and are quite uncomfortable if you are not getting used to walking heels. This year, the 80s trend of short and medium sized peep toes and pumps in solid colors is expected to return back.

Nude sandals and shoes that look like you almost wear nothing in your feet, will also be a trend in 2020. This year, dresses should steal the spotlight as shoes and accessories should only be complimentary.

For boys:

Striped shirts and solid color shirts with no neckties

The no-tie look is expected to be very in fashion this season for boys looking to pull out a great outfit.

Instead of going for neckties, just leave your shirt plain or go for a Wooden Bow Tie (very in fashion) or a bow tie in a fancy pattern instead of the plain old black and red or purple one.

Wet leather finish jackets

The look of wet, shiny leather has been sported in many male fashion shows across the world and is expected to be very in fashion for prom suits as well. The last few years have been all about matte suits, but for the present, sporting a sleek and shiny leather jacket will make all the difference to your whole look.

Metallic and two-toned tuxedos/suits

Metallics have been sported by many fashion designers as of fall 2016 and they are also expected to be a trend in 2020 as well.

If you want to embrace this look without looking too blingy and pimp-like, go for dark metallics like gunmetal and dark frosty purple.

Two-toned tuxedos with pants and jackets of two separate yet complementary colors e.g black jacket, blue or beige pants will be also in fashion.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas of what will be the prom trends 2020.

There is no need to follow every (or any trend) if it doesn’t fit your style, personality or appearance.


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