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Buy A Unique Prom Dress That’s Guaranteed To Make You Popular!

So you’ve found the perfect dress.

Its got the sparkles, the low back, the halter neck that you’ve been yearning for since your first year of high school.

You’ve finally gotten to the point where you can say: yes, that’s my prom dress!

It’s a wonderful feeling to fall in love with your dress, and generally this is a sure sign that this is the dress for you.

However, prom dresses are often a significant investment of money and thus should be selected carefully.

Before you purchase the dress, there are a number of questions that every girl should ask themselves to make sure they are getting their best possible dress to achieve the best prom night.

Questions To Ask Yourself

1) Is the dress unique?

Every girl must decide what her goal is; whether to follow the trends or to stand out.

Most girls want to stand out on their prom night and when looking at buying a dress, must ask themselves if they have seen this dress in a shop before.

You should also ask around to see if anyone at your school is likely to have it, especially if you are shopping a local boutique?

Its not ideal to have the same dress as someone else if you can help it, so the more research and questions you ask yourself ahead of time saves any last minute worries about having the same dress as somebody else!

2) Is the dress of a good quality?

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the glitz and glamour of a prom dress.

If you are unsure about its authenticity and whether or not it’s a knockoff, be extra vigilant and check for rips, tears, or obvious construction or design faults.

Buying a knock-off is a great way to save money if you’re creating your prom look on a budget, but if the dress you love is something you’ve seen somewhere else for a lot more money, make sure the quality is good enough to be something that you feel comfortable wearing and a dress that you won’t spend worrying all night about resulting in that cringe-worthy dreaded wardrobe malfunction.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

3) Do I feel comfortable in the dress?

Even if you absolutely love the design, you’re not going to have a good night unless you feel comfortable and confident in it.

Make sure you can walk and of course dance in it as that is what the majority of a prom/homecoming is!

If you have a dress with a train, or a sash, or a plunging neckline, ask yourself whether this is going to bother you and be something that you spend your prom fiddling with it.

When buying a dress, is is also very important that YOU like it.

This might sound obvious, but it often happens that girls feel pressured to get a dress because of feedback from their relatives or friends.

Often your friends especially can give you great advice about what they think looks good and what you should wear for prom.

However, if you don’t agree with them or don’t feel comfortable in what they’ve suggested for you to wear, than don’t feel pressured to please them.

They love and support you and at the end of the day just want you to be happy.

So wear what you like and what you feel good in, because it is your prom and you want to have the best time possible.

4) How should I accessorize this dress?

A great prom dress does not always equal a great prom look without the other vital aspects, like accessories, hair and makeup.

One thing we often forget about when falling in love with our dream dress is how much or what needs to be added to give it that finishing touch; does it need accessories to enhance the look?

If so, do I have some already I can use?

If not, do I have the budget to go out and purchase matching accessories?

Some girls opt to go with the ‘less is more’ approach and may have simplistic or little accessories to complement their prom look.

However, if you feel your dress is lacking some pizzaz without an added bracelet, necklace, or a killer pair of heels, then these factors need to be taken into account when purchasing the dress.

The last thing you want is to have an amazing dress be let down by other lacking pieces of your prom look.

How To Get The Right Prom Dress For Your Bodyshape

Women have and will always be self-conscience about their body type even though women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. If you’re struggling to pick out a prom dress for your body type, then you’re in luck. Here is a guide on buying a prom dress based on your body type:

Dress for the Petite Body:

If you’re short and petite, you want a shorter dress. Long dresses will make you look like your drowning and you won’t get to show off your petite look. Look for a dress without a lot of fabric and go for a dress just above the knees.

Right outfit for the Tall, Rectangular Body:

If you’re a very thin, tall girl, you’ll want to get a dress that clinches in at your waist. Another thing you can do is buy a dress with a different color on the bottom. This visually breaks up the torso from the legs. As an added bonus, if the dress doesn’t have shape on it, pass and look for a new dress.

Hourglass body Dress Choice:

The good news for girls with this figure is that you can pretty much wear any dress. However, to show off your beautiful curves, look for a gown that is fitted throughout the top and waist. However, don’t aim for a dress that has too much fabric as this will hide your curves.

Pear body Dress Sense:

Girls with a pear body shape should aim for a dress that highlights the waist up. Look for a dress that flares out into a full skirt with the top fitted to highlight your bust. This will display your best assets while making your hips look slimmer.

Dress Choice if you have an Apple Body:

Girls with an apple body should look for a dress with an empire waist. Dresses with an empire waist accentuate the bust and flare out below. Keep in mind these dresses do have a lot of fabric so a one-strap or strapless dress is great here.

Plus Size Dress Options:

Plus sized girls have plenty of options when looking for dresses. Plus sized girls need to determine what their favorite body part is and showcasing it with their dress. Don’t like your arms? Wear sleeves. Like your bust? Wear a lower cut dress.

The options are essentially endless.

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

How To Avoid Buying A Fake Promdress

The internet has done many great things for society. For teenage girls especially, the advent of the world wide web has made our dreams of online shopping a reality.

Browse through categories like short, long, empire waisted and princess on prom dress sites, pick your favorite, enter your measurements and card details, and in no more than a few weeks time you can expect to have the dress of your dreams in hand and ready for a killer prom night….

Well, this is the dream at least. Unfortunately, not every girl has this type of experience dress shopping online.

It’s a sad but true fact that there are many websites out there who will steal legitimate prom dress designers pictures and use them to sell counterfeit dresses to unsuspecting young shoppers.

They might sell you that stunning royal blue strapless mermaid gown in the photo on their site, however when it arrives its very likely that it won’t be strapless, will likely be of a terrible quality, and it might not even be blue.

Buy from these websites and you can’t expect to receive what’s in the picture, what you paid for.

For some girls, they don’t mind getting a dress of a low quality or one with different characteristics than what they bargained for.

The seemingly ‘discounted’ price (compared to other legitimate websites) might be right and they might be wearing the dress for one night only and don’t mind a rip here or a wrongly stitched seam there.

However for most girls, these websites are cheating them out of the prom dress of their dreams and should be shut down for their illegal activities.

Counterfeit prom dress websites can turn some girls off of buying their prom dresses online and understandably so.

But they don’t have to. Here are some tips for buying your prom dress online to help you avoid falling into these websites traps.

1) Read the Website’s Reviews

If it’s your first time online shopping on a new site, look for any available reviews or comments on the website. Hearing the experiences of other customers will help you to get an indication of just how reputable the site is.

2) Look for the Site’s Social Media Accounts

Reading reviews of the site on the website itself is a good place to start your inquiries before purchasing a prom dress.

However, it’s important to remember that if these sites are in fact dodgy, they will try and cover up any record of illegitimate activity in order to keep running.

This means that the reviews that go up on their websites will be screened to make sure they are not calling the legitimacy of the website into question.

So in order to get a more realistic picture of actual customer experiences, look on other mediums that are easier for people to express their opinion on, and usually harder for the websites themselves to screen or delete.

Check if the website has social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Scroll through the comments, tags and posts on their pages. This should give you a better ‘feel’ of whether or not it’s a reputable website.

3) Record the websites contact details and information

If you decide to go ahead and buy a prom dress from a new website, make sure you have all the necessary details to follow up with them if your dress is not up to the standard you paid for.

Demand a reference number for your order, and especially if ordering from an overseas website, record the contact details of the site.

Hopefully, you will not have an issue with your dress, but if so the site will not be able to ignore you if you have these details and you will also be able to more easily take your claim to a third party such as a prom dress watchdog site.

4) Follow your instinct

If something seems a little off with the site, if the company behind it is not returning your calls or the emails you send are bouncing back, don’t buy from the website.

Even if the site appears to have the dream dress you’ve been absolutely dying to get your hands on, if it doesn’t seem right off first impression, it most likely isn’t, and that dream dress certainly won’t be arriving at your doorstep.

Make sure your final decision of whether or not to buy a dress is not solely based off the dress itself, but moreover your confidence that you are purchasing it from a reputable supplier and that you will receive the dress that is in the picture. wants to help girls have the best experience possible finding their ideal prom dress, and has joined the movement in fighting against prom dress scammers and counterfeit websites.

If you personally have been a victim of one of these websites, head on over to our REPORT FAKE PROM WEBSITES section, to help us all in the fight against these sites.

Take note of these important tips when you are buying a prom dress and this will ensure that you choose the best prom dress for yourself, and have the most amazing prom night as a result!

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