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What does the Red Carpet Have To Do With Prom?

Red Carpet and Prom may be two separate events but actually, they have much in common.

They are both special, glamorous, and give you the chance to feel or become the star of the night as the camera flashes to grasp those precious moments.

Image: Flickr

Image: Flickr

The Red Carpet trend is not new to the Prom theme and many prom girls (and boys) draw inspiration from the Red Carpet for their whole Prom look.

If you want to feel like an A-list celeb and copy the Red Carpet glamour look, here are some tips:

It’s all about elegant and luxurious dress lines

Dresses on the Red Carpet hit the headlines, not only because celebrities are wearing them, but because they are designer, luxurious, and elegant.

The dresses are picked by the actresses and their stylists to show off their figure in the best light possible (well, unless they have a bad taste). They almost never look cheap, trashy, or hooker-ish and ooze that air of classiness and elegance you won’t find in any other occasions.

Red Carpet dresses are also usually long/full-length and complimented with subtle silver or gold accessories to complete the whole elegant look.

Most female celebrities tend to wear dresses in solid colors, but over the last few years, more colorful and creative patterns are also sported by some celebs.

Either way, you should choose a dress in a color that compliments you and makes you feel and look your best, regardless if it matches with others or not.

The Make-up should be subtle, classy, and radiant

If you’ve ever seen female celebs on the Red Carpet ( we are sure you already have), you may have noticed that their make-up is not too heavy or cakey and is only used to brighten up an enhance their features.

Sure, you may think that bright teal eyeshadow will match ideally your teal Prom dress and that foundation needs to be heavier, but if you don’t want to appear like a clown or like you are trying too hard, it’s best to go for more neutral and radiant tones and applications.

Nude eyeshadows and thin black or dark brown eyeliner suit all dress colors and skin tones and will make you look like you have just the right amount of make-up.

Highlighters can also be applied in key spots like your cheeks, temples, and cleavage, but don’t overdo it and don’t use too much glitter or you’ll look like a Disco Ball.

Remember this rule: if you are going to focus on your eye make-up, it’s best to keep your lips nude and neutral–the same way, if you are using a bolder color on your lips like a bright Red or Fuchsia, it’s best to use more neutral shades and soft lines in your eye make-up.

Some girls may also wonder if it’s a good idea to hire a makeup artist for the big Prom day to help them get that Red-Carpet look.

If you don’t have much experience with makeup, that will be great idea as a makeup artist has the experience to come up with a look that will suit your dress, colors, and features. But not everyone can afford that.

In this case, ask a friend to help or do your own make-up, but make sure you practice before the big day so you don’t end up with any make-up disasters like melting foundation or smudged eyeshadow and mascara.

Use the same approach with your hair. Celebs are usually spotted in the Red Carpet with flowy straight hair, waves or updos that don’t look that they took hours or too much product to style.

You may be tempted to use far more hairspray than you usually do but don’t because your hair will look too hard and fixed.

Of course you need to make your hairstyle last but go for hair products that don’t toughen the hair texture while they provide long-lasting results such as special volume hair sprays, texturizers, and serums.

Get treated like a VIP. Apart from the obvious Red Carpet look, you could also implement some other ideas to feel like a VIP.

You can, for example, book a limo with your pals, drink champagne, and hire a professional photographer to take your photos.

Of course this is going to cost you some extra money, but it will make you feel like a million dollars and give you moments you’ll never forget.

Make sure you follow the same pattern through the night and even the afterparty of your hotel stay e.g. by booking a 5-star hotel with room service afterwards.

If you flip through the pages of the magazines, you’ll find many other ideas to get that Red Carpet look and event–remember to choose something that makes YOU feel special and not something that’s just a current trend.

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